Loose Ends

The last week has had it up’s and downs. The people that I have worked alongside for so many year’s…some good friends acquired over a period have also been let go. In fact some were allowed to go home immediately without finishing their notices. Some were shocked at this revelation..tears were shed amongst the longer serving employees…a hard bullet to swallow. What do you do with yourself when all you really know is the place youv’e been working in? Colleagues that youv’e known only through work may never be seen again except on rare occasions in shopping aisles or maybe in a passing car a few months later. It really is like a death…not in the real sense of the word but what else can you call it. I look around at the people left behind now and realise that they are destitute…their buddies are gone for good. Who will they tell on a monday morning of the events of the weekend. Their little chats will be no more.

Meanwhile, I have to stick around for maybe another week of my notice to suffer the indignation of  my fate. The only real cherry on the pudding is the amount of money that I received with the “Package”. Those little projects that I couldn’t afford to do can now be done. Some debts can be relinquished at last. The money may keep me going for an indefinite number of months but what is to happen after that if there is no sign of a job on the horizon. and believe when I say that that horizon is very black at the moment.

To get a job in this period of our history seems to be impossible unless I meet a man in sandles wearing a long white robe sporting a nice little goatee and surrounded by a halo of white light…..my chances are slim!! Keep your fingers crossed for me over the next couple of weeks. A crossed finger is better than nothing!!!


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