Twitter Head

At this very moment in time I’m being introduced to the twittering world…. a pseudo world that could possibly save it or destroy it!! Did my brother create a new place in his head to talk to the techno geeks out there who feel the need to latch onto other peoples goings on to enable them to lead a fulfilled life. Twitter is fun..twitter is where it’s at…you have to get onto this twitter thing….I’d be lost without twitter….going back 30 years in time now to kindergarten “You’re nothing but a big old twitter…that’s what you are!”

Where did they come up with the name …a call from an indiscreet bird hiding in the bushes thats what it is! Recently I was trying to adjust the settings on a workmates phone who is also approaching the “It wasn’t like that in my day, you know!” catchphrase in convo with youth> What did we do before the mobile phone…how did we get through the day without constant contact with others…God, we must have been martyrs.

“I’ll see you in the pub tonight.” That was all we needed to say and at the end of a long day or week we’d sit down and exercise our larynxs by having a chat about the day. Those days were filled with pints of cheap beer and buckets of conversation. The sound of a keypad underneath sober fingers will never replace what was had by so many in a not so long ago era. If it wasn’t so bloody expensive to socialise in Ireland we would probably never hear of such things as twitter or facebook!!

I am now an addict ot such things …why …because my hard thumping social life ended many years ago with the arrival of little children and the big R…responsibility!!!!


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