At the Hotel

Well, we eventually got here and what a suprise it was to find that our room was a shocking disgrace…like something out of “Trainspotting” it was so bloody bad! Sitting in the room we comtemplated legging it out of there immediately…”I’m not sleeping in this kip tonight…get us a better room!”…and thats just what I did! It was like getting an upgrade to first class in the space of a few minutes…like a different hotel but in the same hotel!! I didn’t even raise my voice …it probably happens all the time…send them into the shitty room and wait to see how long before they complain …if they complain at all!

What a difference it’s made to our little getaway..the rain is pelting outside but the girl are happy in the pool. Gotta go before my time runs out. Will return again!!


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