Hunt for Food

In bygone days when our ancestors needed food or shelter or some heat or to go somewhere…they hunted for the food…made the shelter with what tools they had ….and just walked or swam to where ever they needed to be. A simple life. No complications of the scale we have today …just get it …do it…if you wanted something just go and get it.

It’s kind of like that today…God knows it might return to the frugal lifestyle of  a life past with open fires and damp caves. Today we have to work for the man or starve. Money needs to be on the table or you won’t be seen. A non entity with no hope for survival in this cruel world of ours.

Today I had an interview with the man for a job…explaining myself to a complete stranger! Why isn’t there a service that can do this for you …rent an interviewee for an hour or 2. Charge by the hour. I hate interviews. I haven’t done a whole lot but they are and can be excrutiatingly painful for me. I hate recounting what Iv’e done for the last 10 years of my life and that stupid question “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. I can barely see week by week at the moment.

I must have done well in previous interviews because I have had a number of emoployers over the past years but it can drain you to have to explain your job. It’s not a job I particularly enjoy anyway …and then they want me to analyse it with a fine tooth comb. It’s just not that interesting.

A friend of mine remarked to me that I should use this opportunity to explore new avenues. I’d love to do numerous things….a wish list if you like…but I have children to feed. Remember the caveman after all. He may have gone walkabout but he always returned with some meat for the tribe along with some firewood to cook it.

Over the last few years my future was fairly set in stone but now its gone all liquid on me … control…it’s falling through my hands to the ground. I have to get some kind of solid bucket to hold it all in. There may be a hole in the proverbial bucket but I am the only one who can fix it!!!!!!


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