Last Day Today

Finally I got to walk through the doors safe in the knowledge that I will never return to the place that I spent so many years…working …making friends …learning about life…developing into the person that I have become..Nearly 10 years I spent there doing my thing. It\’s not monumental by any means. We all go to work every day. We all get up in the morning to face another day at the proverbial office. We all look forward to meeting our workmates to tell them what you got up to over the weekend…share your hopes and dreams in some cases. We all try to get through those rough days at work which make us hate our job only to turn around the next day and feel a sense of achievement at your days work.

Working at a job is important for ones self worth, sense of pride, ambition, substance….all those cliches that we churn out every day. But in a way they are really important in this life of ours. What else are we to do with ourselves. Stay at home and watch daytime TV on the couch waiting for something to happen. There are probably a lot of people in Ireland at this moment who feel this way. \”What next?\”..they might utter when they find themselves jobless. I felt a tiny bit like that today as I walked to my car. You\’d be heartless if you didn\’t feel something but I\’m a glass half full kinda person. My resolve to get over it and move on kicks in after a short period of time and I\’m kick started back into the quagmire of this bloody life that we lead.

Sure, here I am spilling my guts to God knows who(myself really) sharing my life to the world. One of the main reason I am doing all this is to keep a record of my thoughts at this moment…they can vary from decade to decade. This is my oak tree and WordPress is my pocket knife. I\’m etching my initials for all to see. Maybe in a hundred years time a grandchild of mine will stumble across these ramblings on my life and hopefully appreciate them. An oak tree…yes, except this is not a broken heart with an arrow showing on both sides. No, this is my life as it happens…. yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Do I feel as if a weight has been lifted off my shoulders….a feeling of light headiness? Not really. But I have had time …lots of timer to analyse how things have unfolded. Maybe I should appreciate this release from work. Iv\’e never really been out of work for long periods…always in some kind of part time work. Someone had to pay for my weekends on the beer…pay for the records that I bought…. How will I adapt to being unemployed. I will have to ditch this title that I have given myself and replace it with another . I am now not unemployed but \”In search of Employment\”…more positive….a better title perhaps. Anyway I never considered myself unemployed when I was unemployed in the past. I was just doing something else…and I have to get into that mode of thinking or else my fate could spiral out of control……

I will keep you posted on my progress over the coming weeks…stay tuned!!!


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