Bereft…keep breathing

Trying to make an effort at anything in life needs some jolt….some inspiration…an idea…a bolt of thunder from above…..a sudden flash of inspiration. Wouldn’t it be great if there was some kind of shop or a machine where all you had to do was walk in to top up your credit of inspiration…an idea box.
There are people out there who provide us with such credits. Some of my family or friends used to do it. Increasingly I find myself resorting to an inspirational passage of prose…a book found in the library…the Sunday newspaper. But there seems to be a block all around us at the moment when one seeks out such thngs. If you rely on TV for your little jolts, even that can have a tirade of “The End is Nigh” programmes which are positioned on the schedule when your at your weakest. Just sit and watch…listen to the commentator …let him take control of your thought process for a few hours….perhaps having an indemnable influence on your outlook for the future.
Look to another source…find that little kink in the curtain that will let a chasm of light filter into your life. Let it spread around the room of you life. A new light can cast different shadows on your outlook. New rays…
Some people rely on the everyday sources…letting society determine what they read and hear and look at and feel in their hearts. Is it a good thing? Is it better to be your own battery providing the source of energy to fuel your journey through life? There are sources of alternative energies and outlooks on life all around you. Walk down a different street someday that you haven’t ventured down before and you may fall into a place you you never thought existed. You don’t have to travel great distances or over vast ocean’s to make these Christopher Columbus or Marco Polo discoveries. They are right in front of you waiting for you to reach out and grab hold of them!!!
Ireland today is as it was on any other days. The amount of people out of work may be increasing but the sun still rose this morning….the wind still blew a fresh breeze as I brought my children to school. It’s not like it says in the papers….destitute…barren…no light at the end of the tunnel!! Cliches all I say…just like the ones written above….but at least my ones give hope!


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