Marathon Man

Anyone who hasn’t experienced the joy of running long distance may not appreciate the hard work put in yesterday by those marathon runners. The seering heat…the pounding road…the pain …..the enormous challenge. In my bucket list of life …to complete a marathon is in the top 5. It’s such an achievement for anyone to complete.
Watching those runners yesterday as I waited for my older brother to arrive it gave me a sense of awe at what they were doing. To run at any time is difficult but to do it in 24 degree heat is an entirely different matter. Some people can handle it but for the majority its like an unscalable wall….never to be climbed.
As my brother hobbled down the road to meet me…I was at the 20 mile mark waiting with drinks….I could see and feel his sense of disappointment…all his training in vain..the anguish on his face…the pain. Here was a man who had put in the effort to achieve a pain free run but the weather yesterday grabbed hold of him and slowly dragged him to his knees. Did he give up? Did he throw the towel in? No, my friends..he kept plugging away..”Never say die” as my Dad still says. Thats the Daly way.
If I could have help him in any way I would have. Take his place. Hold his hand. Encourage him all the way. But thats what the challenge is all about. You may be surrounded by thousands of runners but in the end its just you and the road. Yes, the camaraderie does help but it doesn’t take away the pain. You’re on your own till the finish line.

Next year I hope to be amongst those people trying my best to achieve an insurmountable goal. Well done, Kieran!


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