Harold Lloyd I’ve been watching an obscene amount of movies lately. A new deal with extravision enables me to get 5 movies for 5 euro for a week….great deal…and some good ones too ..not the usual tripe that are years old. I have sometimes picked movies in the past that turned out to be turkeys…the other day all 5 ones selected got the thumbs up from the critics in my house …my wife and I!
I am the kind of person who likes to watch those obscure movies that went straight to video with no fanfare. They sometimes can be the ones that got away. Any movie that does stay in the cinema has a massive marketing campaign behind anyway. So, the movies I like are the ones with a low budget but have high production values because of the lower budget. The producers always seem to put that bit extra into the movie if they are up against the machine…a labour of love for many.
What a great achievment it must be to have a screenplay come to fruition on the big screen…even a limited viewing for some…but God if I could come up with some of the stuff that has been released…that would be the day the traffic lights are all green when you’re in a hurry …a cool breeze on a hot day…..your favourite ice cream cone just at the moment you need it…..listening to The Doors from a passing car instead of techno……your first child calling you Daddy for the first time….watching a movie that has a profound affect on you for days after!!
This is how a movie making experience would affect me. And the money would be nice. You may snigger but who says little ol’ me cn’t walk up to the podium on oscar day to thank my ‘mom’ in heaven!!!!!!


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