The Day After the Night Before

My fingers have seized up. There has been an itching, a need, a want for me to put some thoughts out there. Within the next few weeks my throughput of insignificant prose should exponentially increase due to an acquisition of broadband in my home. Up until now I’ve been relying on the kindness of strangers, a cafe here, a library hour there…no more the amateur writer for me. Broadband has come and it will hopefully make a transformation to the written word….well…my written word. Anytime I do venture into to this nether world that we inhabit there are always the outside influences that interrupt the flow of thought…women mostly …wives….time limits….a strain on the nimble fingers!
It does seem like ages since I have done any wriitng but I have returned to you again with fresh thoughts on the world that exists around me. Last night I frollicked with the best of them on the byways and bars of my town with me buddies like! Lots of mind altering substances were drank …legally I might add… to keep the night alive and boy did we make the most of one of those rare nights out. Laugh…I could have cried….Oh..what a night….I could have danced all night…all those exclamations that are best used to describe a great night out.
One thing that never changes is the human condition to just get out there and boogie on down at whatever the cost. I definitely have left a few of my brain cells on the dancefloor of life throughout the years…last night being one of them. At least I remember the best bits…unlike some I can’t mention on these pages. Your tongue might be stuck to your pallette the next morning and there might be a few “never again as long as I lives” but in a few days this will turn to be a memorable night. A night that will be searched for amongst the archive of nights to be remembered by one and all.
Do you remember those in the far distant past ….”That was a good night…what craic we had that night”….followed by “You can’t beat the old days for a good night out”.
One thing we sometimes forget is that no matter how far back we go in the annals of time, every night we remenise about will always be the “back in the old days” kind of night. That, my fluffy friends will always be true. Time does not stop for King nor Queen. It just keeps moving on down that road of life. Thank God for that!!!!


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