Professional Poster

This is my first post from home would you believe from my new desk. Today, my family and I made an expedition to that valued of all institutions…Argos!! Lack of comfort and space in my bedroom prompted us to purchase a top of the range desk at the cheapest price possible. Some people have their desks donated form kind friends…others borrow theirs from unsuspecting family members…we had our desktop on some boxes in the most uncomfortable of positions one could imagine.
Now however, I feel reborn…seated in an upright position with arms at the correct 45 degree angle for typing. This is the way it should be for all would be bloggers. It’s amazing when you think about this…the positioning of your pc. Do people in far off poverty stricken countries have this problem to deal with. Picture the village elders in the nearby hut with an old battered pc trying to send an email to the young warrior who set off to greener pastures. Is it on a makeshift boxes with wires hither and to….Lots of shouting now “For Gods sake man …can’t you see that what your doing is all wrong…You obviously know nothing of the world wide web, Jeremiah!!!”
It may be like this at the beginning but like all seeds, they flourish into a thriving blogging community…gather each night with everyone vying for any kind of information from afar!
I recently listened to a podcast documentary about the restrictions on the web in Cuba. There is a government stranglehold on the amount of usage that the Cubans have on the web. With a population of over 11 million, there are only 600,000 PC’s in the country with a non existant broadband service. Do not take what we in the west have for granted. The Cubans have to fight an underground battle just to use the net. Maybe this will change in the future but it will be a slow battle.
That is why now as I sit hear…. spouting to you in relative comfort that I cherish these moments to get my thoughts down. There may not be a soul out there who is interested in what I have to say but this simple pleasure is a release for me like no other. A temporary break from the everyday drone of life to get my thoughts down on screen. From now on there will be a lot more scribbling and moaning. I have fully arrived at my station … annoy the living shite out of all of ye.


2 thoughts on “Professional Poster

  1. This post reminds me… how we stayed in Russia (for a visit) in some horrible apartment without a table. Can you imagine that? I was sitting on the floor with my laptop on my knees… not to mention that there was no ADSL plug, so I had to use Modem (telephone line) 56K or something. Hahaha… I’m laughing through tears, this was the most bizarre experience. I understand perfectly well how you feel and participate in your joy for decent writing conditions ))))

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