Vision without sound


Realising that you aren’t as technically adept as you thought you were is all “part of growing up”. I’ve come to the realisation that this is very true, especially in my case. Ignoring the problem will not cure the disease. Youmust tackle it head on. Research the area where the fog descends. Delve into the seemingly over complicated area and become one with it. This will be my new mantra for the forhtcoming weeks and by God it will probably be the death or rebirth of me.
Take for example the art of typing. I always considered myself to be a decent enough typerbut…now I realise that I am only fooling myself and the keyboard. My closest one is doing a course which is about to teach her how to type and within a few weeks she will be beating me over the head with the keyboard…..leaving me in a pulp on the ground begging for another chance to prove myself. She will be laughing at my kindergarden efforts at the way I pound the keyboard ….the gliding of he fingers will be like an inner voice that will indoubtedly drive me to a “Here’s Johnny!!!” moment.
Well…All work and no play does not make Jack a dull boy. I intend to force myself to conquer the complexities of the keyboard!! She unwittingly show me a web site that will cure this uncurable disease. HA Hahahahahaha…ooooh the pain of it.

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