Jazz Chords

Tried the typing site today at work with substantial improvements. I even got a few of the lads I work with to have a go. It creates an unusual competitiveness to bubble up from absolutely nothing. One minute your a fee paying member of the “Ghandi Lives” newsletter and the next you have a rage which propels you to score at this silly game.
A silly game that may just give me the edge…a talent …a skill….”look at me” to be able to flick my fingers across the keyboard like a jazz pianist…can’t think of anyone off hand…wouldn’t that impress people. Hopefully, my introduction to this site will inspire others to focus on their typing skills. Yes, I have found work of a kind…a sporadic 3 week contract for a minimum wage. Hopeless, I know….but the people who were also recruited with me are such good fun…tears in the eyes…good conversation about all aspects of life…a joy to be able to debate the inner complexities of life once again with my peers..Hooray for work!!!
Tomorrow is my last day of work until the next call from the agency so I must keep in touch with a few of the people I made acquaintance with. It’s all about networking..especially in these times we live in. It also means I will probably have more time to babble to the masses. I was even thinking of setting up a new blog. I have to jazz this one up a small bit first though. When I compare it to others, it does look a bit amateurish. Give me a little time and I will find the key to a revamp that should blow your minds or at least attract more readers.


2 thoughts on “Jazz Chords

    • Thank’s John for your in depth views into the ways of life. It’s good to know that I can still get a valid emotion from someone…even you!!!

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