Road Gang

I wonder what was it like to be one of those guys who had to stand with a gang of others waiting every day on cold wet mornings(it was always cold) hoping for a chance at work. Shouting out to be heard amongst the crowd of hungry workers to be chosen for a “start”! They must have been tough times for all. You can just see them now stamping their feet to get the blood flowing again and sharing their last cigarrette next to a barrel of fire.
People aren’t born hard, you know! Survival of the fittest is exactly what it says on the tin. You have to be fit to get by in this life…up for it at all times…wiilling to put your head on the block! That’s the way things are turning out to be in Ireland. I’m saying this because today was one of those stay at home days with absolutely nothing for me to do. Well, I had lots of things to do but I just hadn’t the inclination to do them. A list as long as the arm you could say. When my nemesis returned in the afternoon I felt slightly dejected at having to wait around for her to come home. How long before I pull up for air. I can see the light, just about, but it feels as if I’m sinking. Well, as if by an epiphany she said she had a missed call on her phone…a call which was meant for me.
road gang

I’m back on the chain gang again as they say. I gave them a call and they told me “Yes, we will be needing ready next week for the call…you have still a little value left in you!!!”.
Well, you and I know that these weren’t the exact words but who is in charge here….huh! I can never remember a time in my life when I have been as idol as I have been in these last couple of months. The funny thing about the whole thing is that the ship I am sailing on has nearly a full passenger list…getting larger each day. This is the kind of ship that has four chimney’s and …”Golly ….I could have sworn I saw Kate Winslet near the lifeboats only a second ago!”.

Well, my own personal lifeboat came in for me today. I’m in a situation where it’s not too difficult to be where I am(barely I might add), but there are others out there who have enormous debts and mortgages hanging over their heads. We all know how horrible it is too have an unpaid debt, no matter how small it is…gut wrenching isn’t the word!!! Like all storms that come by in this life ….they always feel as if they will never pass. This one is the mother of them all. Maybe it’s one of those never ending ones. If only we could all be like George Clooney and Mark Wahlberg in “The Perfect Storm” and face it head on…never flinching for a second. Tis’ a pity you can’t do a ctrl-alt-break for moments like these and start afresh!

Lucky for me that I always see the brightness in a cloudy day. A persistent optimist. Annoyingly so for some people…especially the person who shares my bed each night…!! My motto in life is always sort your silly problems out straight away…the emotional ones I mean….One thing I always say to her is that even if we have even the silliest of tiffs and for some reason I have to go somewhere I say…”Kiss me now because this could be your last chance…I could accidently drive off a cliff or something!!” Get’s to her every time and she always gives me a peck on the cheek…”Tell me you love me!!” ..I might add…and with the grunt of love out of the way, off I go with a smile on my face!! Even though she might have done and said all these things in an arm behind your back kind of way….she still does them. And I love her all the more for it! It’s good to be back at work. Look how happy I’ve become…even prophesising my love to the child bearer…….


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