Endless Lifetime

Its amazing how your plans can be changed within a split second. One minute your preparing for the much anticipated movie that I had mentioned…the next you have a spray of puke from your youngest all over your bed…Yes…the bed that just had fresh sheets put on it only hours beforehand. That put a stop to my hopes of becoming an expert on 3D technology…..I mean you have to at least experience the movie before you can bullshit about the whole experience now…don’t you. Tune in next week…Part 2 for the return to the cinema paradiso in 3D. Oh yes …my child was ok …..after all that horrible stuff that came out of her she would have to be!!

Speaking of split seconds changing your life. It just goes to show that you can’t really plan ahead for anything in this life. Can you really tell me that you will see the end of this week? To be able to look at your loved ones once again…to know for certain that your destiny is a sure thing!!
This question has come to me because this morning there was a terrible, tragic accident only a few miles form my house. A young man of 30 was killed by an oncoming truck in the early morning traffic. Part of a series of accidents that have happened in my general area over the last few weeks…recently a young mother was also killed in a car crash while dropping her young daughter to school! That particular accident just freaked me…shook me to the core ….to think that the same kind of thing could happen to my family or even me. Every time you hop into the car these days you have a 50/50 chance of making it home. It is so gut wrenchingly sad for the victims and their families. I completely empathise with them….how are the young man’s family to cope with such a tragic occurence. I just can’t get it out of my head. Believe me when I say that my driving over the last couple of weeks has steadily gotten safer by the day.

It has always been a belief in my head…a naive foregone conclusion father timethat I was to have a long happy life. No way was I kicking the bucket before my time. I want to have lot’s of grand children running around me. Not for me a zimmerframe of a life with a cranky old head complaining about the volume of the music or the clothes that they wear. I intend to be sticking around here for quite a while yet…thank you very much!! But how is that possible? I may have a little something to do with my longitude of life…train hard, eat well, grooming dear boy grooming!!

Will I find myself in that kind of a situation. My life flashing before me like a series of flashbacks from “Highway to Heaven”. Seeing the eyes of another driver whose has my fate in his hands. A human being just like me of flesh and blood flying round the corner who is just as full of life as I am. So close now that you can see that he had a shave this morning just like I did. He probably didn’t have the dashing good looks that were bestowed upon me at a very young age. But HEY…he has just as much right to hold his grandkids little hands on the way to the sweet shops! Who is it to be? Maybe both of us! Who knows? Such is the sudden force and finality of life. There must be some kind of Angel Bookies up in the heavens who determine the odds. We probably all start out with the same odds as we come struggling through the birth canal not knowing what’s ahead of us. Circumstance and the roll of life determine whether those odds go up or down. Please let me be a bloody thoroughbred…. for God’s sake. I wonder is there a way to increase your odds on survival in this life of ours….maybe a few smoke signals gauranteeing a few bob for the bookies on the extension of my expiration date….Pipe dreams..huh!

You just don’t think of these things when you’re a young boy flipping around with your mates. God knows I would have drank a lot less than I did if I had known the long term consequences of debauchery!!! But do we all stay at home and wrap ourselves up in cotton wool for the rest of our lives. This is not the way to clebrate the life we were given. A tragedy like that should give each one of us even more reasons to live our life the way it was meant to be lived and to squeeze each living second out of it….within reason of course!!! My favourite programme is on now so I will return with more on the whole thing at another point in time!!!


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