Lost and Found

Trying to remember where I left those keys…did I put the light out in the living room before I went to bed….I must have locked the door before I left home, I always do?….you should have told me it was your birthday, I totally forgot!!

Does the mind play tricks with you just for fun? Is your brain secretly tittering at you behind your back? Putting doubts in your short term memory over the simplest things. Letting you question your ability to remember if you plugged out the ticking time bomb in your shed before bed time. Simple things like that are easy to forget.

I’m not afraid to say it, but my goldfish of a brain must be splitting it’s side every day. Sometimes I behave like an obsessive compulsive when it comes to the basics. Most days trudge along like any other but there are the ones that creep slowly up behind you with the “For Gods sake, you forgot to tie your shoelace!!” kind of days. Bewilderment settles in through these magic roundabout days and an avalanche of related forgetfulness ensues to wreck the rest of the day. Leaving your phone behind you ….damnitt I forgot my bloody bankcard(always happens to me)…

An incident like this happened today to me that may have just changed the course of history(in my family anyway). Is it a hereditary thing? Today, we went to town to puchase a costume for my oldest girl for Halloween…bought a lovely Ghost outfit at minimal cost to the exchequer. Being a responsible person and father we both queued up and paid for it together. At the end of the transaction I produced the bag to my little precious and told her “There you are now, love! You can hold onto that …it is yours after all!!”.
Overall a lovely afternoon was had by all…we returned home and my wife and I were just about to sit down for a cup of coffee when …”Where’s the bag with the you know whatsits?”.

To make a long story short I retraced our route and eventually found it just sitting in the grocery shop, as if it was just waiting for my return! I was amazed to still find it there. My daughter had just left it there and walked away without a care in the world. Is she to carry the same burden through life that I have on occasion or is it a case of “having too much to care” syndrome kicking in. It didn’t seem to even bother her that she had mislaid the thing in the first case. Easy come…..easy go!

The same thing would not happen to my younger daughter…a tight fist around the bag ….her eyes would not leave it’s sight. It must be a hereditary condition passed down from father to daughter. I am sorry to say that in this case I can’t blame the mother of the child…even though she was present at the scene of the crime. No,…I will accept full responsibility ….this time!!!!

Going back in time I can remember a forgetful moment that really put me in my place and taught me a valuable lesson. Never introduce someone unless you are positive that you can remember their name. This happened to me one night long ago when I was about to introduce a girl to my cousin…..blankness descended upon me …a cloud the like of which I had never seen before. I just could not remember her name. Boy, was she pissed off…I mean we were all in each others company having a whale of a time….best of times with good friends is a phrase that springs to mind. “Let me introduce you to …….”.mmmmm cough …splutter….red face now…look of indignation from the girl(still can’t remember her name)….good lesson to learn at such a young age. Every time I meet someone like that now I just don’t bother with the introduction’magicroundabouts unless I am 99% sure that this time I will get it right. Sometimes it can be a little embarrassing when you don’t introduce your wife to a past work colleague in passing….but hey…its a lot worse if you forget their name mid introduction…isn’t it!!! It’s all about those little lesson’s we learn in life …never forget that!!


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