Mother Natures Fire

Thinking about it can drive us to an outer realm that you may not return from. Could there really be an institution in the sky that is planning all this major upset each day? Let us show these mortals what power lays in our hands. Powerful weather systems that can change the way you live your life from day to day. A thunderous rainstorm today…tomorrrow a roaring wind….perhaps a bit of a biting cold thrown in for good measure. Do they work overitme in such a place if there was one, constantly trying to come up with a new weather pattern to keep each day rolling along? Do they get bored around the Summer time?….give them a few hot weeks with lashings of rain thrown in and we’ll all head off to the Caribbean for a few weeks. Put the damned thing on auto pilot fotr the months of June, July and August.
When they return from their holidays with an all over tan they really want to shake it up and October seems to be the month of choice. I suppose they want to get a bit of overtime in for Christmas!!! This month is like something from Joseph Conrads ‘Typhoon’. I feel like one of the coolies in the engine room being thrown from side to side during one of those infamous storms!

Leaving my house you take a left and travel up a narrow winding hill that has tall trees lining each side with brambles and heather filling the ditch. It seems to have a place that has been forgotten in time and is all the more magical for it. A timeless sense of yore surrounds this section of the road which never ceases to amaze me. Today, as I was driving down this hill…the wind behaving like a spoiled little boy who wants his sweets and the rain washing all in its wake…I had to stop and get out of my car because a tall skinny branch had fallen across the road blocking the way forward!! The kind of branch that had a gathering of moss at its base and a healthy growth of a vine that seemed to have gradually strangled the makings of a decent old Ash to its knees. I’m always fascinated how the weather and nature can come together like this to upset the world. This tree had been a pillar of society for many’s the year providing a good service to the animals and birds that no doubt used it on the odd occasion…shelter …food …material for nests and the like!!! Mother nature had other ideas…no longer a place for you in this world my dear tree…and if I had been a little bit earlier…maybe me too!! This falling branch would surely have caused a serious accident if I had been travelling underneath at the time of the trees demise.
The hill
It just goes to show you how quick and easy it is to change things…how never to underestimate the power of the weather and the force that it can deliver…we see it all the time in far off countries and sometimes even closer to home. Thats what makes this world such a beautiful and awe inspiring place. When was the last time you have sat on the rocks and let the tide show you its force as it crashes onto the cliffs? Or even to look out the window on a wet and windy day to witness the power of Nature. We all run and hide for cover at the slightest bit of a shower. It can be so liberating sometimes to be caught in one of those unexpected downpours or windswept days, fighting the elements in their barest form. On returning home to it can be just as sweet to warm those weary bones by the hearth of a blazing fire with the very tree that was blocking your way only a few hours before hand!!!! Cosy!!!


One thought on “Mother Natures Fire

  1. Just the sound of a running river can inspire me and transport me to a different state of mind. There is something patient and powerful in the roar of the water.

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