Time Travel Tales

Where will that winding road of life lead us to..what adventures, big or small, lay ahead? If only we were all mystics, stretching our minds as far into the future to grab a tiny glimpse of the life to come! What a gift that would be ….a little booth you could hop into on the way home from work…. 1 euro for 3 days into the future, 5 euros for a week & so on, until you would probably get those executive booths with all the trimmings….big money to see a few years ahead!!!
But there’d always be this warning at the beginning of the session to let you know in this booming deep voice “The future has yet to happen, you are the one true person that controls your destiny….It is in your hands!!!”
Some thing’s in life are predictible, like the way some people never change, or how some places always give you that feeling of well being, or the way your reaction to a certain situation will always be guaranteed!

This was a weekend surrounded by the older generation…my wife’s family were celebrating their Uncle’s and Aunt’s 50th Wedding Anniversary. I found myself surrounded by an older generation who were in their 70’s, full of stories of the past and admiring the wonder of the children who surrounded them ….grandchildren, cousins , far off relatives… Old age always seems like one of those places that I will never reach. Like a bus journey that you know will take you from one end of the country to the other but in your head you end up taking every country road known to man, avoiding all the motorways….a never ending journey of life. It just seems to be so far off in the future….but in the back of my head I must acknowledge that my ferris wheel is just reaching the top and I must remember to admire the view because you only get one chance to see this view. This wheel does not come around again!

the cure standin on the beachAll old people have a story within them. They have travelled long and far in this life. The changes they have experienced in that time have been phenomenal and there is always that little story within them that never ceases to amaze….a story of love and struggle and people along the way and lost friends and experiences of a kind we cannot begin to imagine. Once upon a time beneath that withered exterior and hunched frame there was the makings of a young man or women with hopes and dreams like each human being has.

I was watching a programme on television the other night which told a story of a married couple…a simple interview of two people who fell in love at a young age and married for love…their life unfolding before me through the black and white photographs and heartfelt confessions of love for each other. By no means were they an elder couple, but the husband had a close brush with cancer the year before and this had reinforced the love that they had for each other. You could see that each day that they had was cherished and they were living life in a way that all of us should live. Each day is a gift…use it as if it’s your last!! To be able to analyse anothers life like that over the course of half an hour is a strange thing…seeing pictures of their wedding day as a young couple…later on surrounded by their children…..visiting their honeymoon location filled with nostalgia of the past experiences they shared along the way!! It forces you to analyse your life, to make you tick the boxes as it were…marks out of ten so far! Your past life is always looked at through rose tinted glasses….even those moments when you were at your lowest…each part of the jigsaw is needed to make the picture complete. I hope that when I look back on my jigsaw at the end that I will have something to be proud of with a little colour and brightness shining through. I hope to God that it’s one of those impossibly long 10000 piece ones that takes ages to finish.


4 thoughts on “Time Travel Tales

  1. ‘My ferris wheel is just reaching the top’ – well put. I think mine is already on the way down again. Which is a relief in some ways as ferris wheels always give me a funny feeling in my stomach and ‘gentleman’s area’ as I get to the top. And am quite looking forward to the rest of the journey as I have no head for heights anyway.

  2. Well Steven, you sure hit the nail on the head with this post…so much of what I think came through in your words…I am lucky to have so many archives on my moms side. In the spring of this year my dad I traveled through Ireland and Northern Ireland searching for his roots and have very little to show. Most of his people are gone on now and all that remains is mostly verbal…So yes, enjoy the view for sure…I think you should look back and at least be proud of your writing…

    • Hi Kerry…thank you for your compliments…the only thing is that my name is Paudie..a real Irish name to be sure!! Steven Harris can be found on his blog which I follow on a daily basis.. http://doctorbeatnik.wordpress.com/ . Check him out. I’m sure you’ll enjoy his writings and musings. Try to keep the momentum going and by the end of the year we will all be so enlightened by the way of the blog!!!

  3. Paudie, I am blushing. But am pleased you enjoy reading my words. It’s a nice community this blog world, when you come across the right folks. Oh and Kerry is right, you should be proud of your writing.

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