Opening Doors

merry prankstersLast couple of days of nothing were needed for me to recharge with some new ideas to write something….still a blank… so I will have to keep typing until some kind of light from above shines through the ceiling …an angelic voice booming through the mists and clouds from the distance in some ancient aramaic language that in normal circumstances I wouldn’t understand….but in this instance I seem to understand each nuance, every infliction, a language that only the most holy can decipher….full of the deepest wanderings and puzzles, magical spells from a time forgotten, lost stories told through the keyholes of time, a thumping heart filled with new joy’s and revelations…..maybe it might be my armigeddon slowly reaching through space and time to warn of a far off impending doom!!!

Will I be dumbstruck by these revelations and confusing tongues from far off lands and people. No, by golly…..I will reach out waiting for that philosophical lassoo to enfold me and pull me into it’s unseen vortex along a journey that feels as if was always next on my list….a bus stop ticket with my destination and all the magical experiences printed underneath….sitting on the bus with other bemused but expectant faces of all creeds and colours….swooping up and down…in and out…no ordinary bus ride this will turn out to be. But this is like a “merry pranksters” delight with refreshments and food never tasted or touched before….music filling the air…vibrating through the air with “a cacophony of sound”. The music acts as a blender of emotions to relate how we feel on this wonderful trip, new sights and wonderous unexplained light filtering though our temporary home….

Snap back in a nanosecond to my nimble fingers slowing down with the anticipation of returning one of my daughters DVD’s from yesterday. Do not want to get caught for the exhorborant fine again…do I? Real life is much more exciting …don’t you think so???


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