3D Nightmares

Last week I got to see the 3D version of “Up” with my wife and kids. I know I should went a lot sooner than I did but these things set put on an invisible shelf in our house waiting for us to return to them at a future date not yet decided!! Well, we did get around to going ad let me just say that this will be my last 3D movie unless it has some state of the art technology whereby the cinema goer is injected with some mind altering substance to enhance your movie experience!!!

3D…for me…is just not worth the effort. Give me a 2D experience any day. the mind is a powerful tool that enables us to magine all sorts of possibilities while watching a movie. That’s waht a movie is for in the first place. The producers shouldn’t be putting tools in our hands to help our imaginations into a kickstart. We can do this all by ourselves. My viewing experience is just fine without these goofy glasses getting in the way. The movie I saw had a few 3dD moments but it didn’t need to be shown in 3D. My mind could have done the 3D all by itself. This is just a gimmick by the giants of production like Pixar and whomever to get the bums back in the seats and boy does it reap the benefits. It cost extra to watch it in 3D…a lot extra when you take in the percentages. This is a money making machine the likes of which we have seen all too often…cliche I know …but it’s true.
Thank God my children are not the kind to insist on going to the cinema on a frequent basis. A small loan would be required to keep up such a habit and if the 3D experience seems to be on the increase there will have to be a campaign like …lets see now….mmmm. yup…”Burn all the Cinema’s Now” …sounds good. Anything to save a few bob. If the campaign works to level I hope it does we could all be winners. Cinemas will go underground and the whole movie going experience will be rejuvenated. Sales of white sheets and projectors will go through the roof and this in turn will boost the economy. The empty bars of Ireland could be converted into cinema sheebeens with bottles of lemonade and homemade popcorn back to all time sky high levels of sales never seen before!!


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