Tickets in the Post

I just bought the tickets for The XX gig in the Pavilion in Cork on the 17th of December. It will probably end up being one of those gigs with about ten people in the audience. Hopefully, their should be a good attendance…a bit of a buzz is what’s needed. I’d love to meet up with some people that I haven’t seen in a while. Old buddies and faces from the past. It’s not often I get to stay up late these days. The only barrier now is trying to get someone to look after the kids.
I don’t buy tickets for gigs very often. I suppose you get out of the habit as the years go by, but there is no way in hell I was going to miss this one. I just can’t stop listening to them in the car….the only place I listen to music these days!! And the weird thing about it is that Niamh actually likes them too…one song anyway…but this is a rare thing for her. She says she likes them but the proof of the pudding is when I get into the car after she has dropped the kids to school and the volume on the car stereo is turned up to the max with The XX on the CD player!! A closet fan in the making perhaps. Looking forward to it now….won’t sleep now for the next few nights waiting for the tickets in the post and with the anticipation of going out in Cork for a few pints…good music …a bit of banter …no kids….freedom for a few hours…..wait …hear come the band…a hush descends on the crowd…bit of tuning….a few chosen words from Romy and there off….
Bring it on!!!


3 thoughts on “Tickets in the Post

  1. thanks for dropping by my blog! just been having a look at yours, some interesting reading here! Galway is great, i could live there, small but perfectly formed!

    • I’ll definitely be checking out your musings in the future. There seems to be a whole underground community of arts and crafts people that I never knew existed. It just fascinates me the stuff that comes from the imagination to the hands to the finished product. Keep up the good work! Cheers to you Sarah

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