Try the Dub

Now and again we have to revisit our youth and a selection of tunes that I haven’t listened to in ages will be appearing for your listening pleasure. I hope you like my taste. You can’t please all the people. I could very well post some tunes that everyone knows…but what good is that to anyone.How are we to discover new genres of music that way…it’s the obscure stuff that I love. Don’t get me wrong…I can warble along to the classics on the radio with the best of them, but every now and then I need to know that there is a rare and uplifting tune out there to inspire and pull me back to earth!!

This a tune that does just that. It never fails to entertain me. Every time I hear it, I picture the band in the studio banging out an incredible tune with the producer mixing his magic. How did they feel when they heard this on the playback for the first time. They must have been so chuffed with the result….you can just see the knowing smiles on there faces even now…..


2 thoughts on “Try the Dub

  1. Okay… you are killing me.

    Just that scratchy sound is enough to give me goosebumps.

    It’s weird, because when I read your post, before I hit the play button, I was about to leave a comment saying how I actually find it incredibly painful to listen to music from my past. To the point where I often simply can’t. I think I just get so obsessed with something that to re-listen to it puts me right back to a place I cannot be any more. And it hurts.

    And THAT SOUND, that scratchy sound alone, just reminds me so much of that period of my life I mentioned in my previous comment. A time when we could head off at the drop of a hat, hitch to Cork to stay with my sister, and have a wild drunken weekend. Just because.

    And even though my heart is smarting right now, thank you. 🙂

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