Tragedy at Christmas

I’m not going to talk about all those starving millions…the homeless and hungry…war torn Africa…people out of work…the sick and the weary….the hard times ahead…what are we going to do?…the beggars on the streets…the bitter cold nights…the floods in the midlands…people without water…desolation and despair…rattling collection boxes…the “what is Santa getting you?” questions…the melting of the ice caps…the felling of the forests….this endless war….shoe boxes for the poor…Christmas jingles on repeat in stores…those bloody priests….lying politicians….reduction in wages….the price of a bag of coal….

These are things I try not to ponder in the everyday run of life. We all have our own tragedies to deal with. God knows I have had my share. Last year my leg was covered from hip to toe in plaster…I had to eat my Christmas dinner on my lap but do you know what, it was the tastiest Christmas dinner I’ve had in a long time. Why? Because, for the first time in years I didn’t have to do all the running around serving people…making sure everything was just right…no, this time I just sat on the couch with a few beers and was waited on like a Lord. I may have been slightly uncomfortable but for all the pain, this small moment made up for it. Thats why this year …hopefully I want to make the most of the season…it’s not just Christmas Day you know…it’s the whole run up to it…the “Merry Christmas” greetings to people on the street…..the remembrance of friends you haven’t seen in ages and the ones you will never see again. It’s the savouring of little delights …the twinkle in childrens eyes….the delight at seeing Christmas lights for the first time…all those things combine to fill you with a sense of warmth that can only be good. It’s always the things in life that are free that give us the most happiness… a simple postcard from an old friend…a smile as you hold open the door….letting a car pass through during a traffic jam…

About 3 years ago I returned to my house after a stint of working nights to find that it had been gutted by fire…..luckily we were spending that few weeks before Christmas with family …everything we owned was lost….I mean everything….some stuff was salvaged but they still have that smoky smell on them. You can imagine the shock I felt…the fire brigade couldn’t reach us the day before so it was a complete shock and suprise for me to find that my whole world had crumbled the week before Christmas. Luckily we were not present in the house at the time or else I have no doubt you wouldn’t be reading this blog….the saving grace is that we all survived it…the house was repaired over time and now we are more happier than ever back in the house that we love so much. Life during this period was truly heartbreaking…lots of tears and pain like I’ve never felt before but over time we shook ourselves off and rebuilt our house piece by piece……. Thanks to our family and friends we overcame a tragedy….that spirit of togetherness and the ability to face the toughest of climbs is something that automatically kicks in during these moments in your life. You have no other choice. It’s funny that all these little tragedies  happened over Christmas. Maybe my tragedies have to be reinforced by letting them occur at the most saddest and happiest of times for peolpe just for that added affect…

So when you sit down today and ponder the next few weeks…give thanks for what you still have…you never know what lays in store for you. Hopefully, it’s the winning lottery ticket!!! It’s very easy for some of us all to go …bah humbug….I did go through a period of thinking like this over the years…..but there’s always that moment when these shackles are torn from your limbs to reveal your real thoughts on the coming Yule….Those moments when you maybe find yourself alone in the car and you hear an old Christmas song that brings a tear to your eye. These are those special awakenings ….Scrooge moments I suppose you could call them…these moments reinforce what Christmas is all about!!!


One thought on “Tragedy at Christmas

  1. My oh my…you’ve certainly had your share of the shite! I try to be thankful for the small things in life and I guess when those big things go wrong, it really makes you stop and think…It’s hard to relate to a tragedy like your house burning down but at least you and yours were elsewhere…hope this year keeps you all well and happy!

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