Vultures Descend

Watching Johnny Ross Show last night to discover “Them Crooked Vultures” were playing. Let me show you my ignorance to the fact that these 3 giant figures of Rock had formed a band. I was so excited. They made me feel young again. Something new on the horizon. I just had to taste that forbidden apple. Listening to them play live on the show last night brought goosebumps up on my arms. I have always been a follower of Josh Homme for years…introducing his music to anyone at the slightest whim and most of those people have been thankful to me ever since. And to have the pleasure of seeing a legend like John Paul Jones by their side is mind boggling. This musician is like a snail. He has left a trail where ever he has ventured. His influence on music is unfathomable…one of those quiet as a mouse kind of guys who can roar like a lion!! Can you just imagine how these 3 feel when they get together..they must have such a ball each time they get together on stage. Sometimes a combination like this might not work …they might not gel at the outset but let me just let you in on a secret…they were all separated at birth….time travellers of music through space is what they are and the music that they produce will have an affect for aeons. That fella JPJ s 63 years of age for Gods sake and he still ROCKS.

Bought the album today in the local record store…you just have to have this in the car. The car is the only place you can get away with such high volumes.  Any excuse to go to the shop or just hop in for a spin….pop it in and listen to sheer cliff hanger..edge of the roaring..perfect of your lungs.. dangerous music. This is what music should always be like. I felt this when I heard the Queens of the Stone Ages first record or listened to Led Zeppelin 3 for the first time. Nirvana also had this kind of affect on me…hearing them for the first time. It’s not often that it happens but it can reinvigorate you like nothing else. To be someone with such talent…to be able to reach so many and change them…change their perspective on music. These guys are messiahs. I better stop now before I get carried away….but God it feels good to know that there are people out there who know where its at and most importantly, they know where to put it!!!


3 thoughts on “Vultures Descend

  1. I didn’t think the sound was very good on the Ross show. Is the album more cohesive, more like the Queens of the Stone Age stuff? John Paul Jones is a god so I really do want the disc to be better than the live perormance seemed to imply. Great to see Grohl smashing the hell out of the drum kit again. I’m not a Foo Fighters fan, largely because he is one of the world’s best drummers and I don’t want him playing guitar.

    • The album is better alright. It was kinda hard to get any decent live performance on the net. I’m afraid the Ross show was the best of the lot!! I’m not a Foo Fighters fan either but boy can he play the skins….Anything to keep us from falling off that cliff of insanity!!! Must go for a spin now!!!

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