Hold him Down Laddy

Breathe in…Breathe out…close your eyes now boy….easy does it boy…close the eyes…think of better times…don’t let it get to you…easy now…eaaaaassy!!…

Today was a normal day like any other except that I had to enter into that nether world of the Teacher of my child. This is a hidden world from view…old fashioned locked in time ideals and ways that have been surrounded by an invisible film of rust over hundreds of years. All I wanted to do was breach the subject of preferential treatment for children in the class room…too long winded to explain here!! Extra homework for those that didn’t attend the Annual Christmas Fare in the school yesterday!! Wanted to go but we had a family birthday party to go to ….sooooo does this justify singling out 6 year old children who couldn’t make it..

I was going to let it pass by but something spurred me on to breach it with the teacher in question. Alas, I happened to meet the time traveller from the past acting Principal who must have been trained in some Hedge School druing the 1890’s….This women was something else….if I was fond of stereotypical characters from the past I probably would have thought my encounter very amusing. That was nearly 6 hours ago and I am only now beginning to calm down. I’m not saying she upset my whole world in it’s entirety but she did put my axis off balance slightly by a few degrees. The kind of person who has a consistent grimace across her face. Is this the beginning of a beautiful love affair between me and the rust!!!

I come from a combined Christian and Presentations Brothers background…mostly men and let me tell you here that I have come across some BASTARDS in my time throughout this educational system of ours but she is definitely Top 5. I don’t want to go into the detail of the heated conversation….just the feelings for the time being…a feeling that Captain Ahab had aboard the Pequod when he was on his infamous quest for that famous whale. You could actually sum it up in that whole scene where Gregory Peck is strapped to that mechanical monster just off the coast of Cork all those years ago….that was exactly how I felt!!! Controlled Mania…yeah …thats how I felt!

If there is one thing that I learnt from my mother ..God rest her….is to never accept an injustice, especially when it comes to the schooling of children. I can still hear her voice coaching me through this ordeal…”Did you ever go to school as a child…were you ever a 6 year old child??”….thats what she would have said to that lovely woman. I must rest now for the next round which is sure to come again. Thats the trouble with school. We will cross paths again, I have no doubt of it….and in that moment I will reach out my fist and rip out her heart very gently with a smile and a nod of “Hello Teacher…How are you today?”….Easy does it now!!


One thought on “Hold him Down Laddy

  1. Oh. Okay. There really is nothing that provokes us more than mistreatment of our children is there? My own school experience with the Presentation nuns was pretty damaging, as was Jay’s with the CB’s, and it’s why we drive a half hour each way to an Educate Together school. I cannot stomach that kind of old-school (literally!) attitude towards children. There’s no excuse for it in this days and age. It makes my blood boil! Fair play to you! I can’t believe they would do that! My god…

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