When was that?

I have recently been on a bit of a nostalgia trip down memory lane or highway. Why does it have to be a lane? Anyway, I came across some old snaps that were laying in some box. The trouble with photos from the past is that they can very easily get lost or damaged. Old black and whites crinkled with age…bits chewed off by kids…laminate peeling off. I have to admit that my forte would not be the archiving of old photos. Give me a digital file anyday. They never wither with time or age. Luckily, some of our snaps did survive the fire and a lot of them are still intact, so I will let you all into my past by means of the good old fashioned photo. Searching for photos from my past is like trying to find the Lost Arc of the Covenant. The simple fact was that it was a very expensive game back then…”Save the film for God’s sake…don’t waste it on that!!”… was a familiar retort in many a family. My mother would go berserk if she found that we were playing with the camera in a wasteful way.

One thing about looking back at some of the photos is how wonderful we all looked on any given day….lies, lies, lies….. we looked awful in almost all of them. We must have looked like the worst shower to even the most hardened of onlookers. Most of my family snaps are from our annual holidays in Kerry… us with our long hair and in clothes from a dark age…but  looking back on those happier times always fills me with an embarassing nostalgia for the time they were taken in. So here goes. I will try to show some more over time but these particular ones are mostly from very long ago…black and white of my grandparents or old colour ones of my parents….

This is one of my Grandad and Granny Hurley with my Aunty Lena on a day out somewhere…don’t know when!! Another time…

The next snap is of my Great Grandfather Daly smoking his pipe on a bench somewhere …a long long time ago….

Some of the photos have been damaged beyond repair but they still hold a history and are priceless. This next one is of my dad(second from the right) when he was in Canada in the fifties…boarding a plane for the Artic!!!

The next picture is one of some dinner dance that my parents went to with my Uncle Tim and his wife Noreen. My mam and dad are on the right …my dad’s tie is matching my mothers very stylish brown blouse!!!

This is one of the few pictures I have of myself as a baby in a pram. There was no ‘Quinny’s’ back then… The black and white photo makes me feel older than what I am….

Certain photos that I have cannot be dated. I just couldn’t tell you the date or when they were taken. The only one I have a certain date on is this visit to Santa with my sister in 1977. I just love this pic because of the way it gives an air of innocence…the colour…the clothes of the time…old shops that don’t exist anymore…. my sister and I looking so young… priceless moments in time!!!


4 thoughts on “When was that?

  1. I know the feeling of keeping those photos…its amazing how they can take you back to times and places and feelings…by the way that Santa you guys are with looks a bit off kilter!

  2. Thanks for sharing these! I love how weirdly familiar they are! We must be of a similar vintage 😀 We have boxes of old photos too and there is something innocent about how everyone looked then. We were so unselfconscious compared to ‘modern day’ people.

    Those photos are precious. And I can see you know that.

    • Yesterday I showed my father this post and he told me that this was the last picture he took of his grandfather before he left for Canada, so it is a precious photo…all the more endearing due to the fact that my Dad never saw the man he loved so much again. This was taken in the park across from his Grandfathers house in Spring Lane, Blackpool……

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