Winter Wonderland

Yesterday we spent the day in the big smoke..i.e catch up on some casual shopping. We got there early to witness the gradual filling of the shops and streets … the busy to and fro of shoppers. Cork has changed so much in the last few years. The old Cork Examiner buildings that once took up a significant portion of the city have been transformed into a shopping mecca for the Cork people. Where once there was dark narrow dreary laneways that most people would think twice about walking down, now exists whole new structures with every kind of shop that you could wish for, intertwined amongst a myriad of pedestriansed streets. The old buildings coexists with the new ones in a strange way ….as if a new brother or sister has finally arrived after the longest of gestations. There are some places in Cork that I have always loved to pass by or visit..places like Connollys Book Shop… an old style book store filled to the brim with all kinds of literature…..walk down Careys Lane or French Church Street to discover some new shop with little trinkets inside it!! I love to visit the Crawford Art Gallery and during the week I happened to visit it again to witness a new exhibition …Terror and the Sublime… an amazing exhibition that does attack all of your senses in every way!!!
Yesterday, the four of us visited the Winter Wonderland in Bishop Lucey Park…full of lights …snow machines …old Christmas songs and a delight for all of us. We were swept along by the magic of it all…. thousands of people gathered to be part of something magic… a precursor and reminder of what life is all about….

Bishop Lucey Park

Magic Reindeer

Eabha kissing Reindeer


3 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. Its all about the kiddies isn’t it?! So sweet to see their faces light up with all that magic in the air! I’m sure there were a lot of ‘kids’ at heart there too…

    • I’m a big kid at the end of it all….always making little silly remarks to people to see their reactions. Sometimes it just goes over their heads …now and again it can work in my favour…depends on the dynamic of the people you come across!!

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