Big Night Out

Tomorrow night is the big night out for us in the big smoke. The gig itself is sold out so there should be a good atmosphere. I just hope that it doesn’t turn out to be an anti-climax. I have refrained from blogging about this event in case of overkill on my behalf. You have to let these things slide right up beside you without any warnings….a sense of the spur of the moment is needed for such nights. Thank God I actually had the sense to buy the tickets beforehand…..nightmare scenario of being turned away at the door due to lazy ticket buying preparation skills!!!
Here is a little taster for the uninitiated to the XX….I will give an indepth review of the gig over the weekend….it’s not that often that I get out so I have to milk it dry somehow!!!


One thought on “Big Night Out

  1. Oh. I know THAT feeling! Our youngest will be three in March, and suddenly it seems so much more possible to go out. And gigs is where we want to go. About six months ago I had a sudden and unquenchable thirst for live music. And while I’ve missed about five people I would have loved to see, we have managed a few good ones. Why did I not review them! I think I will. Thanks for the inspiration!

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