Review of Gig

This was my first time at a gig in the Pav and it proved to be a really cool place for a band. I had been there years ago when it was a nightclub…not very nice!! But as a venue for a bands or any budding artist…well… lets just say it looks as if it was built for that very purpose. The sound on the night was excellent and the band themselves were so cool as to be comatose….they just looked as if they did this stuff in there sleep. Now a trio with an even bigger sound…this is the kind of stuff that just blows me away. I just hope they play here again soon!!!
I was expecting a young crowd but there was a nice mix with faces from the past that I hadn’t seen for ages… It just felt good to be out amongst the masses again…live music…anticipation of a good night… The whole night seemed to just blend together seemlessly. Maybe that extra pint did help me along but the night itself was surreal. Thursday nights are like that though…from what I remember. I’m trying to remember the last band that I saw live….let me think now…Oh yeah ….BRMC in the Savoy with my brother. This was another one of those knockout nights….. such a cool band to experience in a live setting. I have to start going to more gigs in 2010. My first New Years Resolution….aaaaawww!!!
Don’t you just love music….feeling it run through your veins…the bass reverberating through your body….tingles down your spine as you know that this moment is a moment that will never be repeated. A one off moment in time. Now I am left in the position of having nothing to look forward to after Christmas….must trawl through the gig listings for another gig! One thing is for sure…I will definitely be returning to the Pav in the future!!!
By the way, we managed to catch the support act..Daithi O Dronai… on the fiddle …truly amazing stuff. Heres a very small taster for those who have not heard of him!!!


2 thoughts on “Review of Gig

  1. Music, music, music!! What would we do without it? Along with smells, I think music is one of the things which can trigger memories and take us to places long ago forgotten…and open us up new and wonderful ones too!

  2. Ah brilliant! I can feel your excitement and delight! Exactly how I have felt the last few gigs I’ve been to. Nothing beats live music. Nothing! And as I wend my back into the live music circuit in Dublin, I too have been pleasantly surprised to see some familiar faces too. Have they been there all along? Or did they too have a children-induced sabbatical!

    I don’t care, but I’m back LOL! I made a similar new year resolution too. Midlake tickets booked. My Christmas present to myself!

    Glad you had such a great night out!

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