Ideal Christmas Eve

Get ready now …line up your skis before we reach the summit….whooosh!!! Fresh powder under your feet…that glare from the snow….whooosh!!! Early morning… a hip flask of brandy to take away the bite during those rest periods……
Walking down fifth avenue laden down with shopping bags…’s…new shoes….clothes of the highest quality…self indulgent chocolates
The sound of the waves crashing against the shore…..the pull of the tide on the pebbles and stones ….standing with your back to a fire listening to a lone fiddler playing you’re favourite tune…others waiting to join in…old friends …loved ones…happiness in their faces…..

I was thinking about the eve of Christmas today. This is what the whole holiday is all about really. We have only a certain amount of allocated Christmas Eve’s. This is my 36th….rewind forward….rewind a little…yes, my 36th Christmas Eve. Some of you might be secretly saying to yourselves…God…thats how old he is!!!….others may think….so, so young! Of course, I don’t remember every single one ….some were good ….others not so good…but somehow in all of those eves that I have passed ……how do I explain it….it’s like we mix a cake of our dreams that only we can taste…mix all those experiences to make the ultimate tasting experience. An expectation of a wonderful moment of the year….joy to the world I can hear across those shopping centre floors….yeah that’s what it should be like. We have only a certain number of hours….how do we fill our day…what choices do we make…food….tv…movies…go for a walk….lie down for a while…drink more than you should!!! I’ve seen people running along the roads recently during subzero temps…ice on the roads people!!!
I wonder will I make another 36 of them. Will I even make it through this one?? Who knows what lays ahead for us? At least I have a dry warm house to go to…others do not have that advantage….
I’ll try not to blog for a few days….all I seem to be doing is making preparations for Christmas… me time…..What I have to do now is make a playlist of songs for Clodagh(6) to put on the MP3 player that Santa will bring. What songs will bring a smile to her face? Help me people…there must be someone out there who knows what works???? Think of it as a Christmas gift for me…..
Happy Holidays to all as Bing once sang
If I can get through Christmas with a nice meal…a good movie…no fighting with family…content present allocation….happy kids…fresh air walks………. a sense of what life is all about….that would make for a good Christmas.


3 thoughts on “Ideal Christmas Eve

  1. So true of the Christmas batter that gets mixed up in our minds! A lot of Christmas songs that I like are a bit melancoly and therefore might not be liked by the younger ones…’The Christmas Song'(you know…chestnuts roasting…) ‘I’ll be home for Christmas’, a nice little instrumental by Vince Geraldi called ‘Skating’, and a great Canadian version of ‘God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen’by The Barenaked Ladies…anyway good luck with that one…cheers!

  2. I have a playlist for Edmund who is six, which has, in part, evolved over the last year. It includes songs he has taken a liking to and asked for, like ‘The Lion Sleeps Tonight’, (I know… but I got The Tributes version) and an absolute family favourite, ‘I Wish That I Could See You Soon’, by Herman Dune. Check out the video on youtube, they’ll love it! We put it on loop and they dance around the kitchen like loons!
    But the biggest hits on his playlist are from a boxset ‘100 Hits of the 50’s’ that I picked up in Tesco for a few quid. It’s got stuff like ‘I Tawt I Taw A Puddy Tat’, ‘Rawhide’, and other similar fun songs.
    Jerry Garcia has a cd called ‘Not Just For Kids’, which is great. We love Woody Guthrie too. Continuing on the folk theme Mike and Peggy Seeger have a double cd of American folk songs for children.
    Ok. Last one! ‘Sing Along With Putamayo’, has songs by Taj Mahal, Arlo Guthrie, and others, it’s just gorgeous, and one I don’t mind playing in the car!
    And finally, you can’t go wrong with Toots and the Maytals for getting them dancing!
    Phew. I’m done. Hope that’s helpful!

    Happy Christmas!!

    • A jumpin’ jivin’ jimny of jukebox faves at my finger tips…. Thank’s for the leg up …. Now I have to sit down to ‘Happy Feet’ first to get in the mood. I can’t believe that I actually got home before 4 oclock on a Christmas Eve….
      Is it really Christmas already….!!!!?

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