Ease on into It!!

Classic songs don’t come around like this one very often. This is a song that I always played whenever I DJ’ed back in the day. A treasured album to have in any collection. This is for all of you out there who need something to ease you into 2010……
So cool…..


2 thoughts on “Ease on into It!!

  1. Yup…Bob and the Wailers know how to smooth things out…we used to listen to this and other great Reggae in high school art class. I even managed to turn a stodgey, British art teacher who only allowed classical music in his class, into a huge Bob Marley fan.We were allowed to bring in albums but they were only left on, upon his ears approval. When I dropped the needle onto Bob, I watched as he looked up at the stereo and sat for a minute or so and promptly got up and marched over to the said stereo. I thought “Oh Boy, there goes Bob Marley” but he actually turned UP the volume! Triumph! He in particularly loved ‘Catch a Fire’ and I’m sure I even once saw him tapping his VERY straight foot to the beat of ‘Stir it Up’. Good pick…cheers.

  2. Cheers for the link to the photographer Jim Sugar who revisited Ireland…unfortunately we can’t access rte player in Canada…damn! Believe it or not I have that issue of NG in my bookcase with a few other old issues. I may have to write to our public television network to see if they can access the show…oh well…Happy New Year Paudie!

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