So Far so Good, Like!!

I’m kind of at a loss for words coming up to this new decade. Maybe it’s the fact that I’ve been lazing about the place watching movies and generally stuffing my face with all kinds of everything. Let me just say that this is not condusive to my overall plan of ‘saving the world’ as we glide inevitably into another ten years. I recently asked my wife the all inspiring question in the car as we drove to her mothers.. “Can you believe it…another decade is upon us. Were the last ten years as good for you as they were for me?”….Never one to beat about the bush or please me with loving glances, she gave me the required response that was needed to bring me back to the ground. “Not really!!”… but with that little smirk that belies the truth. If I could have read her thoughts, I know what she would have really said. My wife’s policy is never to compliment you beyond what is needed. It would interfere with her plan to make me a better man. I feel this is the best practice going forward. If she had swooned and looked at me with a tear in her eye regaling all those wonderful moments and events in our lives whilst holding back sobs of joy, I would undoubtedly have known that she had her bags packed for a quick getaway with a much younger man who drove a faster car and spoke many exotic languages …well travelled and muscular…tanned in all the right places ……

No…my friends….she gave me the kind of response that reassured me that those ten years would not be shared through flippant conversation but by knowing glances and smiles and well needed hugs and tears that were spilled and shouts that were screamed………those me and you years that seemed to pass in the beat of an eyelid…the special moments only the two of us had shared….life changing events that had brought us to this day surrounded by friends and family and kids of our own!!! She’ll probably read this and it might bring a tear to her eye or she might look at me with one of her sideward glances…who knows??
It is great, though…. to get some kind of a response!! Thats why I want to wish all of the people who have visited these pages good will and cheer and fortune and for all the good things that they have experienced to follow them into the next ten years that lay ahead. You all know who you are. Lets just say it’s my subtle kind of nod of recognition for all the kind words and advice and friendship over the last few months!!! I’m not saying that I get massive amounts of viewings per day but at least I know that the ones who do drop by are …… would a Corkman say it????….Sound, like!!!
This is for all those sound people!!


2 thoughts on “So Far so Good, Like!!

  1. What a beautiful song…thanks for that…the Gaelic always reminds me of my old Gran who used to sing to us in what we thought was a strange and mystical language…The venue is also grand…looks like an old roundhouse for trains…cheers.

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