James Dean Moments

I always have this fear…..a vision you could say….of going off a cliff at high speed, preferably along some clifftop highway on the Cote Azur or somewhere exotic like that…maybe Molls Gap in my case. It’s not the fear of the crash or the carnage that would ensue. No…its the fear of my last dying moments being accompanied by some horrible pop song or a mind numbingly annoying tune. My car crash song….my James Dean moment would have to have the appropriate soundtrack. Just like in the movies as a car goes off the cliff at high speed…..all the good crashes have the ultimate tune accompaniment!!
I want the CSI investigators of the crash to reflect in a sombre tone…”At least he went out with some Goddamn good tune in the final moments”…. Anytime one of those seminal tunes comes on the radio, I mark in it in my database of tunes for that inevitable moment that will come to us all. Admittedly, the database is fit to bursting at this moment in time but at least I have a wide and varied selection to chose from.
I know that my car crash moment will probably be in some bed or at another unexpected moment in time….hopefully!! But wouldn’t it be great if someone invented some fantastic new software that would blast out your final tune just at that precise moment ….in stereophonic sound at full blast and for all to witness….the lifting of the heads from their moment of sorrow to appreciate the coolest of cool selections as I go to meet my maker….”God, he knew how to pick a tune…even at this late stage!!!!”

What a way to go though… a cacophony of sound assaulting the senses in every direction, reverberating around the room. Hopefully, my datase will be nearing the terabyte stage by that point. I want to listen to each and every piece of music thats out there first before I even consider the prospect of galloping through the happy hunting grounds on the other side!!!
Here is one of those tunes that if it got stuck on repeat till the end of time ….it might not bother me!!!!


2 thoughts on “James Dean Moments

  1. You’ll have to make a cd of all those tunes and have the detectives place it in the player of your car in such a case… …but don’t go anywhere just yet.. You have so much more to say!…but be sure to include the ‘Who’s, Love reign on me’ I believe it was used in such an instance in ‘Quadraphenia’

    • Oh yeah….definitely ‘Love reign o’er me’ would be in the top five!! This was one of those tunes that I always put on those 90 minute tapes that I used to make. Your definitely resurrecting the tunes from my past that I had forgotten about. Joe Strummer was part of that make up too….. Maybe 2010 is my resurrection year for music!!

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