Ice Capades

Slithering and sliding along the roads of north Cork I got to thinking of what it would be like to be basking on some sunny beach with all the trimmings. A world away from here….maybe it’s me looking at the top one hundred destinations for 2010 that has me in this Walter Mitty knid of mood. It seems like a thousand years now since I had the inclination to complain about the hot weather…the wet patch on your back…that stifling heat….temperature rising….endless Summers….peeling backs and aftersun in the fridge. Mmmm. Let me just sit back and imagine, for that is all we can do at this moment in time.

To be able to hop aboard a fully fuelled private jet at a moments notice is a gift that I do not possess in my new years list. Maybe in the near future a misguided pigeon will fly through my window on a Summer breeze with the winning numbers attached…. one of those moments I’ve been waiting for all my life.
Don’t get me wrong. I love the strange affect of the weather on everyday life. How it changes our perspective…sometimes over a slow period of time… other times in a horrible flash that knocks you for six.

The only predictable thing in any Irish persons life at the moment is the ice and the slow drudgery of life that comes with it. Stoke those fires. Chop that wood. Start all over again. Try to keep warm now. At all costs. It’s always at this time of year that the quest for far off lands enters my conciousness. But there’s always the long list of far off limitless destinations. If I had my way I’d pack a tent and all we need for a few weeks …hop on a train and galavant around Europe for a few weeks with my family in tow. Let the dice decide where to stop or go or which country to traverse about. This would be my ultimate holiday. My wife smiling by my side …eating all the stange food that she came across without question. My children playing with every kind of nationality and talking to them in their language as if it was there own. Happy family holidays that only occur when the spirit of adventure is ignited at every turn….. new smells …strange sights… just one big circus ride that we all get swept up by it’s momentum over a short snapshot of our lives!!!

I have always said that some of the best holiday experiences of my life have been on this island that I love. There must be hundreds of more of those special moments waiting around the bend. The only problem is that the bend is permanently at the end of my finger tips, always within my grasp. What is with this magnificent place that we take for granted so much. Perhaps I will ask the Dutch or the Danes the next time I travel around the Ring of Kerry through Derrynane or Clifden and Gweedore down through the Glenties getting lost along the moonscape around Spiddal and flying through the wind on a wisp as another Summer approaches like a hurricane Train from a tunnel of smoke and noise……WHOOOOOAAA. Getting carried away now. Better put some more coal on the fire…..Time to cuddle up and shut up and dream…..


One thought on “Ice Capades

  1. Jeez I could go on and on about the things I love about your Irish Island! I would say first and foremost it was the light….everywhere I went, the light swept across the landscape in the most beautiful shades and shadows…I asked my brother, who happens to be a geography teacher, and he said that it wasn’t the charm of the drink that was doing it, that it really is where Ireland is located geographically…whatever it was, it was magic…mind you, a bit of dreamtime in the south right now is understandable!

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