Second Hand Super Reader

Finally, I have gotten my hands on ‘The Time Travellers Wife’ after what seems like an eternity. I told you of my wifes marathon reading sessions that can last for an age. If there ever was a person to get value from a book, this is the gal! Lying next to her night after night listening to each page being delicately turned, slowly but surely edging her way to the end of what seems like a very enjoyable read.
I am the total opposite. I have to finish the book before the weeks end or else I find that I drift from the plot, becoming a fair weather friend to the pages that I fondly turn. I need to be entwined with the characters to appreciate the intricacies of the story. Well, thats just me. This can be a disadvantage in a strange kind of way. I’m like a lost aviator from the 1920’s making a flying pass on a beach looking for a safe landing area frightening those lazy sunbathers below, eventually flying off into the sunset, the pages of a story left flapping in the breeze. However, I find that the story can have a longer affect on me over time, staying with me at intervals through my life, quite like a friend sitting on your wall waiting for you to come out to play after dinner time. Sounds strange I know but…hey …I am the master and this is how I feel!!
Hopefully, I should be finished this book within a few days. I will try to give somewhat of a review on it. I’m not a book reviewer or anything so I don’t know where to begin to describe this clever tale, especially one that has such a complex story as this. I mean, it’s about time travelling and love…how do you begin to try to explain such a concept!!
Well, one of the good things about this new year is that we all made it intact and still have our senses to do things. I was actually worried about doing myself some kind of injury over the Christmas period. There I was watching the news each night…floods…icy roads…gridlock…my paranoia that had been locked in a box burst out like a forgotten JACK and nodded in my direction saying….”Your’e up for it this time around again dear boy!!!”…

2010 is going to be the year!!!! This will have to be my mantra as I drive the car, wash the dishes, calm my nerves, dodge the oncoming car, jam on the breaks, counting my lucky stars. Last night I popped my head outside for a few moments and the sky was full of light…far off planetary systems surrounded by boundless light and other complicated live’s. Maybe there is another complicated fella just like me tapping away at a keyboard on some barren planet with little vegetation, wondering what the next few years will bring him. That’s the great thing about this fickle life we lead. Everything is a constant, waiting suprise. Nothing is for certain in our allocated time period. We cannot predict the next move on the chess board that we slide along each day. Take today for instance…I was left with a puddle of water to soak up due to frozen water in washing machine pipes…small incident I know…fixed within the space of a few minutes….but I didn’t expect to be doing this today. Maybe the next unexpected event will be on a larger scale…maybe me in Superhero mode saving a bus school of children from slipping into a lake……not likely I hear your little brains squeak…I know!! I suppose my mundane life will have to suffice with the ordinary everyday circumstances of the day. There was one instance today also….after the washing machine disaster…shopping with my wife and kids…a little old lady beckoned me over to make use of my height in order to get the small slice pans that old ladies seem to get. Checking the dates on the bread for her…a little chat about the weather … a smile and I was off with my cape flapping in the wind….whoooooosh!!
Hopefully, that small act of kindness helped that lady through her day. If everyone on the planet did little thngs in life to help people along there would be no need for ‘Captain Everyday’…the super hero who fixes the smaller things in life. I better sign off now before I get too abstract altogether…anyway …I have some reading to do!!!

Oh , I nearly forgot to add the next in the list….getting harder each day!!!


2 thoughts on “Second Hand Super Reader

  1. Well it should be your year because I noticed you are from the Ox year…This years Chinese horoscope! I loved your song pick o’ the day…I have two instruments I always wanted to play…cello and concertina…not to learn, just to wake up one day and magically sound like one of these guys…cheers.

    • Believe me…I’ve tried the wake up one day method as well…it takes lots of practice and then some more. Maybe one day, there will be a magical sound at the end of my figertips…for now the play button on the cd player will be sufficent!!!!

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