Beat Boys in the Jet Age

This is the no. 2 in my countdown of all time great tunes. What can I say? I just love this band. I stole this album off my cousin Fergal when we were both DJing in Nancy Spain’s. All the songs on it are just great pop classics and when I was trying to think of something for my No. 2, this was one of the songs that naturally popped up. I actually haven’t listened to this song in a long time due to the fact that its on vinyl, so to be able to access it on youtube is like some kind of magical gift given to me by the Gods. People don’t realise how difficult it was to get your hands on this kind of stuff years ago. Now, all we have to do is enter it in youtube…hey presto…it’s there right in front of you….no effort involved whatsoever. The days of sharing your prized LPs seem to be long forgotten. Mark my words that I would not leave anyone get there hands on this LP though. It’s precious to me with lots of memories attached of another age…as the song goes!!!
And what makes it more poignant is that the lead singer passed away in 2008….so let this be a tribute to a great band of there time!!!!


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