2010 No.1

I have been searching for ages for a song that epitomises everything that I have listened to. Over the years, I’ve tipped my hat to all types of music. I was never the kind of person who alienated himself from certain genres….I’d listen to anything that inspired and most music does inspire in some kind of way, especially if its played with passion and depth of feeling. It doesn’t necessarily have to be cool or anything like that. All it has to do is capture you in the moment. I suppose I’m lucky in a way that I can drift from one style to another. Maybe I have experienced a greater range because of it. Lets put it this way! I even like to listen to some country music…within reason obviously…but some of it can be really good!
I’m actually sorry I started a top ten list because it can be so bloody hard to keep it to just 10 tracks. What I ended up doing was selecting tracks that I would not normally hear in the every day run of things. Songs that I haven’t heard in years but have loved to listen to over and over in the past! If I had to make a proper list of songs, it would be infinite. I dare you out there to make a top ten of your true favourites and be honest in your assessment of what you think are your favourites. It’s bloody hard. There are some songs that I had to leave out that I didn’t want to.
I do hope you have enjoyed my taste. Maybe some of the stuff might not be to your taste but there you go…these are the songs that I have picked.
The No. 1 song is one of those songs that just reaches into your soul. This is a band that I have loved for ages. I can’t think of many people I know that listen to them as much as I have. Perhaps my brother Lenny and an old Goth friend of mine (Barry) are the only others who would recognise this song. They just have a unique sound…Peter Murphys voice just has this quality that cannot be matched along with the musicianship of the band. I hope it pleases those who chose to listen to it and maybe put you on a voyage of discovery into a band that influenced so many….Here goes….


4 thoughts on “2010 No.1

  1. You really did create a daunting task! I go over and over and remake lists of what I call ‘my desert island list’ of songs which I couldn’t live without…or the list of songs in which will be played at my memorial. Your list is VERY different than mine but that’s the thing about music…it gets into your soul and takes hold and there’s no explanation why one persons Barry Manilow is another persons Yo Yo Ma…I listen to all types as well and sometimes surprise myself with what grabs me…keep on bringing them out for all to hear…its great to hear something like this, your #1, which I really liked and had never heard before…cheers

    • Thanks Kerry…….I’m reading a bio about Glenn Gould at the moment so by this time next month my list will be transformed into all things Classical!!! I’ll have to start plannning for my genealogical trip to Limerick next week…weather permitting!!!

  2. Wow!

    So, I’ve been away and really enjoyed catching up here. Away both literally and the sort of infuriatingly-enforced-technological-blackouts kind of away!

    I really don’t know if I could do an-all-time favourites list. Partly because, as I think I said before, I listen to music so intensely and obsessively over a period of time that I cannot go back to it. It’s too painful. Yes, I suffer from nostalgia!

    Two things: the Cocteau Twins… oh my. I think they might actually be the reason myself and Jay got together. Almost twenty years ago now. And no, I can’t listen to them. Too emotional…

    And The Time Travelers Wife? What did you think! I loved that book so much, and by the time I had finished reading it Jay just had to. We rarely crossover on books, but he said all those nights listening to my reactions to it as I read made him want to. I think it might have been waking up at four am on a school night to me sobbing, having just finished it (I couldn’t stop reading. Had to finish it!)! Such a beautiful love story.
    And the film really disappointed me, I’m sorry to say. Visually it was so beautiful, and it’s worth it to see Broken Social Scene singing Love Will Tear Us Apart at their wedding (!). But they got it wrong at some key moments… oh well.

    And finally, I loved your bit about this beautiful island we live on. I like to think I do appreciate it and all it has to offer. I just have to pause sometimes and remind myself!

    • Thanks Ciara for your in depth analysis. It always amuses me to hear your musings. Your right about all time favourite lists…..I have to close the door on nostalgia for a while and rediscover some new music. Thats why I bought the Mumford & Sons album the other day and it has pleasantly been growing on me over the last few days. Thanks for the recommendation….I actually heard them on the radio while driving one day and that was the push I needed!!
      I finished the book on thursday ….I will have to give my in depth review in the near future!!! I hope you enjoyed your ‘sos beag’ and are newly refreshed for a new year….it’s nice to get away from the norm now and again!

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