Warp Speed, Captain

Every now and again we need to take a little look under the bonnet …check the oil…new spark plugs and all that. On Saturday I booked 2 tickets to see Eddi Reader in the School of Music in February. I just happened to be trawling through the gig guide and up she popped. Years ago, I had the chance to see her play but she had to cancel due to lack of demand for tickets so now my chance came again. I can’t confess to being a big fan of her work but the fact that she is playing in this relatively new venue that I have yet to visit. Well, I just had to go. One problem was that my wife had no interest in going. Not her bag really.
A tinkle on the phone to my sister and before I could finish the question…”Would you like to go?”….she nearly reached down the phone and begged me to go with her. Later on in her house she was reminiscing about the old days…how she went to gigs in the early 80’s in the Arcadia with her friends… a golden age in music. “I want to….no….I need to reinvent myself…” she said. She feels the need to step outside her comfort zone and experience new things ….go to places that she has not ventured before….just like Kirk, I suppose. Maybe I will be her Spock to guide her on these little expeditions to new worlds. It’s funny she said that because I have been feeling the same way over the last few months and there is a ‘want’ in me for such adventures….

I just hope that the gig is enjoyable for the sake of our future adventures together. Excuse me now while I make out my 2010 calender of upcoming events.


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