Time to Share

Lately I’ve come across this fella Findlay Brown while listening to Dineen late at night. I’d just be on the cliff ready to fall into a deep sleep with the music drumming in my ear and off in the zone between being awake and deep sleep ….I hear this song in my head. Dineen always seems to play it as a finale and it seems to do the trick. His version goes on for about 6 minutes…..it seems as if it will never end but is alll the better for it. It was only last night that I actually found out this guys name. Very hard to figure out the names of tracks when your listening to Small Hours. Frustratingly so…..he doesn’t give the names of tunes sequentially….its like ‘before that was so and so and the second last song before the third to the right was humpitydumpity do da da find out for yourself boys and girls’….. I suppose it gives them an air of exclusivity. And eventually I did find out this fellas name and number. This song has been travelling through the highways and byways of my jukebox head for months now and last night was my EUREKA moment. Worth the wait. Let me know if you feel the same way or has there been some kind of magical spell cast over me that filters sound to the degree that I can’t figure the good from the bad.

By the way people, I got the tickets for Eddi Reader in the post this morning. I will be doing massive amounts of research over the next few weeks so that when she does stroll on stage to impress us all …I will be able to give a nod of approval when she plays an otherwise unknown song to the crowd.
For now though..sit back and enjoy the wonderful beat and flow of Findlay Brown. I must try to find the extended version of this tune….


One thought on “Time to Share

  1. You’ve sold me on this one…I love the haunting rhythm that goes on throughout the song…but somewhere there is optimism too. It almost has the feel of an old Celtic folk song. The shadowy figures in the visual are mysterious akin to the underlying beat…will have to look further into this artist. He kind of looks like a cross between Johnny Cash and Johnny Depp! Cheers for that.

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