Fool for a Fool

Today I am heading up to our majestic Opera House with my wife and kids in tow to see a Hannah Montana/High School Musical Tribute. The excitement is building slowly as the girls carefully pick what clothes they have to wear…careful selection is crucial for such an event. Even a such a tender young age fashion is their life!
My wife and I are a little under the weather at the moment…sore throats…aching joints…running noses…symptoms not condusive to a room full of screaming kids. hopefully it will be entertaining for all concerned….I actually like some of the High School Musical songs so ….bring it on. I will have to take some nice pics of the event for future posts.

The journey to Cork will be full of anticipation from the back seat of the car….multiple questions from Eabha followed by more analytical and detailed questions from Clodagh. One of these days I will have to write down some of the questions that they ask en route to Cork…varied subjects can be touched upon from the meaning of life to astrology(a very popular subject choice)..moving on to religious topics and various political ideologies. Those journeys to Cork and back can be like a series of lectures given at Yale or Cambridge…they are definitely inspirational and most often than not frustratingly annoying for us…..this is due to the fact that we like to give the real answers to the questions that they ask….not the fairy make believe one size fits all kind of answers that so many parents seem to give to their children. Once all these qeustions have been answered to the best of our abilities …the more important stuff of make believe begins and they gallop off to another world of make believe that only they can understand …a world that has been developed over the short period of time that they have been here on this earth…a world that suits their needs of play and fun, with a different language filled with a blend of characters that they have borrowed from favourite TV programs or just from the wilds of their boundless imagination.

These are the special moments that all parents love and remain quiet to capture a fleeting glimpse of…amazed at the complexities of the storylines of their childrens stories. There are the moments when emotions run high and you cannot get through to them ….the tears and the emotion run high in those backs seat journeys to Cork. I don’t know whether I should share it here but I seemed to have stumbled across a wonderful sedative for such moments when all parents despair. It’s not an injection or a tablet or a cross word said in haste…, my friends…its a CD I bought only recenly of Tom Waits and one of the songs that seems to lull my children into a sense of melancholy on those long journeys is “The Heart of Saturday Night”. Whatever it is about this song….I don’t know……my children seem to turn into little angels for the duration of the journey…they turn all mellow on us and sometimes even sing along to the song(multiple plays have this affect)……so for all you parents out there with young children, let it be known that you heard it here first…the answer to all your prayers in a song. A beautiful song at that!!!


One thought on “Fool for a Fool

  1. Sounds like your trips to Cork definitely need to be recorded…you know…out of the mouths of babes…By the way this is one of my favorite albums…thats how long I’ve owned it…since it was an album. Although Tom Waits is still an amazing poet, I don’t care for his voice anymore. The old stuff is by far easier to listen to. Check out his other oldie, “Closing Time”. Its full of sentimental balads that might work on the girls too!

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