Mmmmmm…hibernation over!!!

There’s a place I go to escape sometimes to search and seek out new music or just fresh music. A quest has begun for me to look forward and listen to all things new and by God I have listened to umpteen new bands today already and it was quite nice. One band that I would like to get my hands on though is Natural History Museum….they are just top of my list at the moment but unreachable as far as the net is concerned. Maybe they are hibernating somewhere but I really like what they do and I think they should come out of hibernation for the masses…There song ‘Billy Pilgrim’ has the makings of a grower into a ‘classic’…can’t find them though…shame.
Whilst looking I came across this favourite…bliss…….


One thought on “Mmmmmm…hibernation over!!!

  1. Absolutely LOVE this song and the images too! I did find a bit about Natural History Museum on a site called and got to hear a short clip….they sound like they would be worth researching more of…I loved the pounding bodhran as the baseline on the clip of Billy the Pilgrim…hope to see them on a post someday….

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