Listen this Sound, it’s a Champion…

This must be the longest time away from my blog in a long time. Have no fear….Paudie will not forget about the outer world to which I still cling to. It just goes to show you that I was after all …a very idle little boy….so now it will have to be a post of high quality.

Over the last week I have not only been dashing to and from work but I have also purchased myself a “new” automobile to get me to and from my place of work. Over the years I have always driven petrol cars but now I have decided to get myself a diesel car. The round trip distance to work has dictated this direction I am taking. Petrol is not cheap these days so hopefully my “new” diesel car will increase the bulge in my wallet!! The car I chose is a Volkswagen Passat TDI and boy does it move….smooth …comfortable ….economical…and 12 years old too with a small price tag attached. It may sound old to some people but back in the day, this was a top of the range mover on the road so this somewhat elevates my status…… of those cars that I always longed for and now it is mine…not as fresh as it used to be but just as spicey!!!
I only got it last night so it is still a relatively fresh toy in my small arsenal of toys. Driving it gives you a strange feeling of power….something I have never had in my other cars. I have driven plenty of powerful cars before but they were never mine. This one is all mine …mine, mine, sounding a bit like a spoiled little boy in a sweet shop…but mine it is!!
The funny thing about this car is because of its age there is no CD player…only tape….so this morning at an ungodly hour I found myself listening to old dusty blank tapes that I had recorded from years ago…scratching my head wondering what was on them. The first tape I put in was a selection of Raggamuffin ans Ska form the early 90’s. I haven’t heard these songs in ages simply because of the absence of a tape machine. I still held onto the tapes as an archive to my life. Each tape is like a DNA genetic strain of my life indicating the development of my musical life over the years and because they were blank tapes you just would not know what would pop up at any moment to interrupt the flow of music. Random intervals on tapes were common in our house, especially with an inconsiderate brother who did not care for tape etiquette or the valuable piece of music you had stayed up past midnight to tape….a previously unheard concert or interview wiped out for the sake of a ridiculous snippet of a song…..careless taping was one of my pet hates. My brother was the kind of pest who would tape whole conversations over valuable …precious rare concerts….obviously kitchen conversations were top of his list over my taste in music! The tape I played this morning had one such 2 second interval ….not too bad considering the length of the tape. I had forgotten how long these tapes went on for ….90 minute is a long piece of music to fill a car jouney… hour and a half of passing cars and ditches and traffic lights and bridges…bypassed with the aid of a roll of magnetic tape. Wonderful invention it was….it should not be allowed to fade out the way it has…..our children will never know the sudden ending of a song or the squeaky sound a tape makes as we anxiously prepared for a recording…..the premature endings …the recording of voices at the end of an album…..the hiss of a vinyl record on a tape. They will not really know the meaning of the terms fast forward or rewind…these terms are being repalced by less meaningful terms. They will never know how to sync up 2 tapes for fast recording or how to properly fill out an inlay card. These are important talents that can only be learned through hours of waiting with your finger paused over the rec button waiting for that moment that could change your life…..45 minute snippets of the radio that were taped while you were out having pints. Theses are the moments that need to be reignited in the youth. Maybe they have their own methods now….I know I have latched onto them also but its always nice to give a nod of respect to the past and not to dismiss it out of hand as an uncool method of recording your favourite music. We were bloody glad of those 90 minute tapes when there was nothing else around…….
Anyway….while I was listening to these old ragga tunes and with a bit of ska thrown in…..I came across this timeless classic from the 80’s which never fails to stir my dancing feet…..champion sound, indeed……


2 thoughts on “Listen this Sound, it’s a Champion…

  1. Hey…welcome back to the other world! Was wondering if you had forgotten all about us out here in blog land…So there you are…zipping off to work in your new set of wheels.
    Oh, how I remember spending HOURS making mixed tapes and trying to co- ordinate the drop of the needle with the push of the record buttons! I was dated the other day when my 4 year old nephew asked me what the contraption beside the upstairs t.v was…”a TURNTABLE” says I and him with a bewildered look on his face…”huh?”…I filed it in the same place as the VCR.
    Excellent song by the way…time to turn it up while dinners being made! Cheers.

  2. Wow, now that has taken me back about 20 years!!! All those nights staying up for 60 Heartbeats, which came so popular that they changed it to 90 Heartbeats!!! All those love songs from my youth! Ah those were the days of a love sick teenager! In fact, I still think I have them somewhere…along with the recorded conversations, must have a look next time I’m home…

    And there’s nothing wrong with a tape deck in your car, my beast also has that privilege! it’s not called a Subaru LEGACY for nothing….

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