Reason for Love

Always around this time of year I stumble through an imaginary list in my head…. will it be flowers…some jewellery perhaps….a romantic meal would be nice….Every year its the same. For each of us there is the search for the ideal way of expressing your love. How to make the one you love feel like they are your true soul mates. How do you really know if they are your soul mate in the first place? What criteria do they have to fulfill to get that coveted title…”Actually, we are true soul mates you know…”…How can you say this with true meaning. Love is not something that touches all of us …it can’t be purchased in the early morning markets…you can’t go on the hunt for it dressed in camouflage and khaki.
For me, love is something that crept up to me ever so slightly. I didn’t have to scale a moat or slay a dragon….no climbing of vines or sonnet writing for me. How did love choose me? Why was I so privilaged to be chosen? Why at that time in my life did the woman I was to spend my life with just appear in my midst?
I will never forget that defining moment…that special electric charge between the both of us. That first gentle kiss….the clasp of hands enfolding each other….the glint in our eyes as we knew that this was a special encounter. Never before that moment had I felt such a wonderful mutual feeling ……a simple kiss at the end of the night changed my life forever. Can you imagine if I had decided to stay at home that night…go somewhere else. I’m so glad I made that choice to go where I did. We had met before that moment in the strangest of circumstances and the seed of curiosity had been set to result in that wonderful kiss.
Was it fate that we met on this night? Of course it was. My wife always tells me that I never write enough about her in my numerous posts…so now is the moment for me to let her and the world know the depth of my feelings. It’s something we should do every day….not once a year. Tell them that you love them while you wash the dishes…just before you head off in the car….don’t take it for granted. I still kick myself at how lucky I am to have someone to love with all my heart. I think back to those first meetings we had…the beating of the heart…flush of face…excited to see her…the endless phone calls late at night….not believing how lucky I was….that she would even bother with me!!
All the chocolates in the world or roses or meals could never replace the simple act of saying each day with feeling …I love you….So let it be known that I do love my wife and I know that she loves me just as much as I love her… I sure…of course I am….all I have to do is look in her eyes each day!!


One thought on “Reason for Love

  1. It’s a bit awkward to ‘comment’ on such personal issues of love, but suffice it to say how lucky are we, the ones who know this kind of love and recognize and acknowledge it everyday…

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