Wishing you all Well

There always a first for each moment in ones life. Last week I had the pleasure of seeing Eddi Reader in the newly built School of Music Auditorium in Cork. This turned out to be one of those really good nights….having a chat with my sister over a few glasses….gradually letting the music wash over us ….glancing at each other now and again for the verification of a good song…..laughing at Eddi’s little jokes on stage….in awe at her wonderful voice!! It’s a rare thing to experience such a seasoned professional still in her prime. I have mentioned to others that I went to see her play live….”Who?” …they might say….you give a small bio of her career….and then…”Oh yeah….I remember her alright!!”….But you know in your heart that if they had experienced the gig that my sister and I had experienced that their response would be totallly different.

Tonight I was watching “The Cafe” on RTE …a weekly programme that I really enjoy because they sometimes have some really good music on it along with some interesting guest….throwawy TV you could call it but sometimes you can catch a real curve ball if your’e lucky. Tonight they had Mick Flannery….pure Corkman with the voice of an angel. I’d just love to get into a conversation with this guy….perhaps meet him in the queue for a chipper or something and pick his brain…I dunno…he seems so timid and gentle but with the most moving and powerful music!! And tonight was no exception…so let it be known that you heard him here first!!!! This is a snippet of a song I just love on an island that has so many memories for me…of long go as my sister would say….


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