The Stuff Life is Made of

Over the last few weeks the time that has been allocated to me has seemed to contract in an ever increasing way. No longer the lad of leisure, I now find myself looking for pockets of me time to make for a more fulfilling life. I know how quickly it can all slip by unnoticed. There has to be a continuous internal audit of how I spend my life. Take for instance the amount of time that I have allocated to reading. I have tonnes of books to read but can’t seem to find the…….
The usual excuses crop up each time but I seem to nod off into a temporary coma each time I shuffle through a few pages. It’s always been a pleasure of mine to have some kind of inspirational book at the end of my finger tips. Must start reading….go for a book now laddy….unlock those pages and fly away from this nether world!!!
Another neglect of mine …and this has been going on for ages now is excercise…not for want of trying but apathy has taken over…it’s the old devil and angel on the shoulder syndrome arguing over the pro’s and cons and the why should I’s and the why bother at all discussion! One thing I know about me is that when I start analysing these kind of things is that I have set the rusty wheels in motion to fix these little tasks that need to be done. It is amazing the kind of excuses that you can come up with in your head to avoid doing things and eventually when you do overcome these obstacles….well the joy and satisfaction that you gain from the simplest of things is boundless. If you let the list build up over time it can sometimes seem impossible to tackle them later on but with time and perseverence ….maybe …just maybe you will find yourself with an empty list…all ticked off and waiting for the next one to be added.
For years I have always referred to a book that a friend of mine introduced me to years ago. “Chicken Soup for the Soul” is one those books that could inspire the most downhearted of people and amongst its pages are vasrious stories of peoples challenges in life and how simple things can go a long way to help other people on the path…as they say. One story that has always amazed me is the one about a boy who made a life list of tasks that he wanted to achieve over his lifetime……some of these tasks included such impossibles as climbing Everest and others were hard but not within his reach. The list was long and varied and many had been ticked off along the way…..some tasks like learning languages, instruments, skydiving, underwater diving, five minute mile….it went on for ages but he still had some to achieve even at the onset of retirement. It’s a book that I have always recommended or even bought for people for years. I always feel as if there is one story amongst it’s pages that might change the readers outlook on life.

So thats what I need to say….if we didn’t have the invisible list in our heads to constantly keep us on our toes we wouldn’t have much to live for. Sometimes the list may get faded along the way but it will always be there waiting for you to hold it up to the light once more…as I have said before…a life list, man!
So I better start rechecking my list again before it totally fades away with time. We have only a certain amount of time to tick it off after all. So……sit back now…close your eyes…slow deep breaths….clear your head and try to remember all those little lists you made when you were younger and if you have ticked them off. I bet if you started to write them down you would suprise yourself. Try to write down ones that may seem impossible to you even…..believe me when I say that it may not be within the realms of possibilities to achieve even the most impossible dream. Revisit those tasks that were thrown to one side and give them another lash……As my Dad has always said since I can remember….”Never say die!!”
So for anyone that has read this blog over the last few months….I want you all to make a life list of lets say ten tasks or ideas that you have always wanted to do and post them to me. And with the time that you have been allocated to this life of yours….slowly tick them off and watch them disappear or in some cases get better. I will be hear to monitor them…plus ….I love reading other peoples life lists….its amazing what one person might think is difficult while another thinks ….well….simply done!!!


2 thoughts on “The Stuff Life is Made of

  1. Well Paudie the list I started about 5 years ago is much ado about travel and so far I’ve only done # 5 but it was priceless …
    1: Go to St. Petersburg
    2: Bird watching in the Balkans
    3: Learn 1 song on the cello
    4: Live for 1 year without sugar (probably unattainable like climbing Everest)
    5: Go to Ireland…check!
    6: Learn to ride horses like they do in Kazakstan while in Kazakstan
    7:Take the Orient Express
    8: Learn Irish
    9: Learn Italian
    10: Build a Windsor chair

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