Ireland Abú

Just finished watching the Ireland England rugby match and I’m waiting for the palpatations of my heart to steady to a more normal rate. What is it about a rival team to stir locked away emotions and to beat them on their home ground is the icing. Every soul in Ireland at the moment must be feeling as I am. When you really think about it ….it’s the only thing at the moment that the irish are good at…..

Anyway, today my sister went on a mountain hike with some of her work mates to conquer the Galtees…..preparation was key…all the rightgear for the ascent…anticipation and excitement! I got a text this morning from the top of the mountain and she seemed to be elated…the view …the challenge …the momentous feeling of overcoming this beautiful mountain range……Well done Maryrose

Hope you get HOME safe…..


One thought on “Ireland Abú

  1. I know what you mean about rival teams…here in Canada we get such a huge thrill out of beating the U.S especially now during the Olympics. Our women just beat their women in hockey for the gold medal so we are now sitting on pins and needles for tommorow’s gold medal game in the mens hockey (u.s again!) YEY for the under dogs.
    p.s I was thrilled to see the Irish women in the 2 women bobsleigh…at least they qaulified!

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