Swiss Army Knife

Have you ever found yourself in a spot of bother …if only I had the right tool for the job….a scissors or a knife or a thingamajig to open the can. I recently came across an old swiss army knife that had been left neglected for years but has been resurrected to serve in my daily chore….to cut and trim and pick and squeeze and prod and hook and centre and sharpen and sow and pluck and well the list could be endless.

So if you have a knife like this lying in a drawer waiting on its master to pick it up…now is that time!!!
Lets just say that one of these days there will be a moment when this handy utensil will get me out of a jam like no other…..and there will be nods of approval and gasps of wonder and whoops of joy….who knows???

My friend(he carries his everywhere) has one of those gigantic ones that can do any kind of job….mine is the bog standard one that can do just as many jobs as his one …..but mine doesn’t have the SAW….you just never know when you might need a saw or a spoon for that matter…..I’ll have to start putting a few pennies away for the deluxe model. Maybe the hunter in me is being resurrected in some way through the primal act of cutting….MAN was meant to cut…..and saw!!!!!

Swiss Army Knife


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