There have been a few days when the aforementioned “ME” time needed to be filled up. It’s like a car in need of fuel…there’s no denying that thirst for energy to keep you on the road. Now that my weekends are the only real free time that I have until the Summer evenings descend….we have been trying our damndest to get out there with nature and colllect all the free stuff that mother nature provides us with each day…that pocket of wind….the crashing waves….that endless pathway to unforeseen adventures….an ancient structure of the past and the best part of it all….just being together soaking up all the new experiences. Last weekend was spent on a walk on the beach down in east Cork with the cousins ….finding a beach that I had not known existed before…Ballybrannigan….

Ballybrannigan Strand

Trying to get the kids along the beach in a gale with sand blowing in their faces….they slept well that night!!

Little footsteps in the Sand

Me trying to capture the essence of the most beautiful of places ….hidden gems on an alien lanscape….

Shimmering Rockpools

Tomorrow night I will fill in the gaps of the last 2 weeks with more snaps…Eabha is bugging me now to go on “Girls for Games”…..she just loves the virtual dress up and all that goes with it….


2 thoughts on “Tick…Tick..Tick…

  1. What a vast and lovely beach….It’s places like this that are priceless in memories for the girls…p.s…you have me stumped with your Irish language left on my blog….I tried to find a translation but came up with something which was nonsense…I really did apply myself to find out!

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