Castles and Crepes

On Sunday we decided to take a spin to the wonderful town of Kinsale…many’s the night out we have had in Kinsale…hundreds of stories that could be attached but that was when we were younger and childless…more wild and free….and other things I could mention….
Now we were on an expedition to visit the Charles Fort…a massive fort that has recently and gradually been opened up to the public… a 16th century fortress with a vast history ….nearly as much as mine!!
The weather was perfect and the company was good and afterwards we sat down to have some chocolate crepes provided by the obligatory crepe van which seems to have popped up in every corner of Ireland. I wonder what the English would have thought of a Frenchman ouside the castle walls selling his wares……

Mothers in Arms

Main Building

The whole place was nearly 12 acres so there was a lot to see…..

Here are my ladies on the cobblestone….

Derelict Buildings

Lookout post

I have loads more photos…but my ancient computer takes ages to upload the bloody things so I will keep it short and sweet!!! Overall a nice Mothers day for all concerned. Tomorrow is St. Patricks Day and we hope to travel to West Cork to the beautiful village of Courtmacsherry where St. Pat himself arrives by boat followed by a short parade so there will be some more photos to follow of this festival. The 17th of March holds so many varied memories for me…..a little reminder of who we really are and what we have become.


One thought on “Castles and Crepes

  1. I have given you a ‘sunshine’ award. I know its kinda goofy and girly but I didn’t want to leave you out…its on my latest post…like i say in the post..don’t feel obliged about the “rules”….its just a silly blogworld thing some people do.

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