Camera 2….Lights…sound…and ACTION!!

He could feel the tension rising in his throat… wasn’t often that a nervousness like this kind of overtook him but then again how often do you get an award like this. Sitting in his designated seat he took a quick look around him to see the other nominees…there were thousands of them waiting expectantly just like him…..all dressed up in there best clothes, suits, dresses, gowns, bow ties, loafers, high heels….hang on a minute …they weren’t dessed up at all…just the ordinary clothes of the every day….some were more eccentric than others but mostly it was just ordinary people like him….
So he waited with the others for what was to come….who knew what wonder lay ahead of them?…why were they here in the first place? ….why had they been summoned to this place?….you couldn’t really call it a place…it was more a state of mind….
And suddenly the speaker announced…”The Sunshine award goes to….this was a difficult category folks….the award goes to….”
He thought he had heard his name being called from afar…his heart was racing…he felt his cheeks blush slightly…this was his moment…they were calling his name…what was he to do now….”Go up and grab the award with both hands , for God’s sake”….his inner voice had went off in his head. Otherwise he would have remained stationery wondering what to do.

Slowly he rose and walked towards the podium…people from a distance were craning there necks to see who he was. Up until now he was an unknown…but now it was different….his peers had accepted him…the sudden applause caught him off guard and he felt his heart racing with the excitement of it all. He could not recall a moment like this before in his life ….an award…a Sunshine award. He walked slowly up the steps to the podium to make his speech. He could see some of his family in the audience at the back…they were wildly clapping with joy and so proud of him….his friends looked on in disbelief at this great honour being bestowed upon one of their own.

As he stood there shaking with the whole shock of it all…..he quickly remembered his youth and his mind raced through all the momentous moments in his life. He was going to soak every last minute of this in. The old saying is very true….”It’s not every day that you recieve an award”
This was one of those moments that he would treasure for the rest of his life and he wanted to thank everyone that had brought him this far in his journey….
“Thank you…thank you from the bottom of my heart….”
The rest of the speech was a blur but the people knew how he felt…funny how life can turn up trumps sometimes ….he thought to himself.


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