Planning Stages……

Yesterday after work my father and I decided to take a trip into Mahers Sports to get fitted for a good pair of walking shoes. We have less than 40 days before our departure on the El Camino…..I’ve applied for holiday leave from work for the designated time of our adventure and it looks like we will …after all this time….yes we will…can’t believe it really. Anyway, the people inside Mahers seem to know what there about….all the knowledge was imparted to us in a friendly and jovial manner. These outdoor pursuit shops seem to be in a world which I have yet to touch upon. We have yet to purchase a rucksac or for that matter a sleeping bag….a lightweight one is needed for this type of trek. My dad is slightly weary of as well as a bit excited about our trip. Like me, he does not know what to expect from the upcoming trip. Will he be able for the daily walking? Will I be able for it? This is why I wanted to get him a decent pair of walking shoes. Hopefully thay will help him on his way….
In the shop there was a lady who enquired after us and on discovering our future plans, she got very excited due to the fact that she had completed the first section of the walk last year. She went into detail about the whole walk and my father seemed to get caught up in her excitement also. All these little bits of info along the way only serve to make the whole experience a better one for the both of us!!
As the time gets nearer I will gradually pick up the necessary bits and pieces that we need to help us on our way. I have also found a decent enough blog about a groups journey from St Jean du Pied to Santiago de Compostella….. Some good pics and nice info on the differerent hostel to stay in along the way.

We went upstairs to have a quick look at the rucksacs after our fitting. I got my dad to put one of the bags on his back and it was quite amusing to see a 76 year old man trying to get to grips with the whole concept of carrying your luggage……he was never the type of dad to bring us camping when we were young so now it is my time to get him out in the wilds.

So now I am telling you the beginning of my story …our story without knowing the end…hopefully you will tag along till the end of our journey…..


One thought on “Planning Stages……

  1. The excitement really begins now when reality strikes and you start to prepare for your trip! It’s funny that at the same time last year I was preparing for my trip to Ireland with my da! Really love this song you put up on the post…looks like they were having a blast….cheers..

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